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November 3, 2015 10:58 PM - Season 2, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Chiana buys a parasite-hunting Vorc, which creates chaos on board Moya. After several attacks it is suspected that the Vorc itself may be the parasite.[via]
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NO! The answer to that question is NO!
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And John begins his slide into Scorpy on the brain. I don't know of any other show where it had a chief protagonist haunted by hallucinations for a long period of time. Woot.

Vorc. Like some kind of slightly demented E.T. reject, which instantly calls upon feelings of distaste and blaghness, but yet still somehow manages to endear itself to the viewer by the end (at least slightly). Granted, that's done a lot by Pilot and Aeryn's role with the creature.

Not a lot to say about the episode. Yes, D'argo nearly dies, but the stakes never felt real, so it didn't seem to have much of an impact. Even the manner in which the characters reacted to his pending death felt...lacking. It pretty much came across as a decision to try and create stakes in an episode where a thing like the Vorc is running around, pooping, peeing, and humping Aeryn's leg. Hrm.
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Our first clue that Chiana's judgement about bringing stuff on board is not so good (see Season 4). I thought this episode should've been so much better--it had a similar set-up to "A Bug's Life" and there are suspenseful parts. I think it was trying to strike the same tone as "Crackers Don't Matter" with the wacky elements along side the scary ones, but it just kind of misses. I don't think the design of the big creature helps (Tandoori chicken).

The John and Aeryn moments are good, though. Aeryn's face as she shows what the Vorc looks like is awesome, and after John and Aeryn kill the parasites, their unison, "Sorry about the mess," (echoing PK Tech Girl with the Sheyang) is great. The end as John comforts Aeryn while she holds the dying Vorc shows how close they are getting. And I mean "close." : )
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Oh, yeah, and Scorpius stuff! The companion book talks about how originally when John sees Scorpius in "Crackers," Justin Monjo wrote him as a manifestation of the insanity cause by Traltixx. Then David Kemper (producer) realized having Scorpius appear to John was a good way to make use of the villain, who we otherwise wouldn't get to see very often. At conventions, Ben Browder has also talked about how he started swatting at something behind his head in some episodes. When the director asked him what he was doing, he said that he was having PTSD from the Aurora Chair. The whole neural clone plot-line is an organic element that came out of the collaborative storytelling on set. Because Farscape! Really nothing else like it.
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