Angel: Darla   Rewatch 
November 5, 2015 5:56 AM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Darla's origin story serves as the flashbackdrop for Angel's attempt to rescue her from Wolfram & Hart, only to find that the rescue she has in mind is to become a vampire again.

This was Tim Minear's directorial debut, and a handy bit of serendipity renders it a crossover -- Minear approached Joss Whedon with his idea of a Darla origin, Whedon told him that BTVS was doing a Spike origin, and Minear suggested they combine them.

This episode marks the only time we ever see the Master, Darla, Angel(us), Drusilla, and Spike together.
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I am not a big fan of Angel (the character or the show -- I've watched almost all of Angel but it never did much for me) but I like how much this episode ... well ... "humanized" Darla. It made her a character who had her own conflicts and desires and interests. It made her into someone I wanted to watch. I think a lot of that is Julie Benz, who I think found depths that may not have been there.

I do think Darla was poorly served by Angel (the character & show) so I liked that she had this chance to shine.
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