Ash vs Evil Dead: Bait
November 8, 2015 12:33 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Guess what happens when Ash comes over for dinner?

*Ash & Pablo defeat the Deadite S-Mart manager inside the Classic.
*Kelly's Mom shows her Deadite colors, killing Kelly's Dad with a fork to the eye, and leaving Kelly with a parting mind-fuck over how she died.
*Special Agent Fisher is on Ash's trail, finding her way to "Books From Beyond" store in time for the closing shot of the episode.
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You remind me of me. Deadites ruined your life and you're hot as hell.
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I laughed out loud three times (normally I'm a smile and chortle guy)....

1. Casually putting the chainsaw on the counter and moving to the table with the shotgun on his back.
2. Oh good, cause I was feeling like a dick.
3. You know they're Jewish, right?

I really hope they can maintain the quality, but I have but two complaints. The CGI effects are not as good as the practical, though better this episode, and 30 minutes is too short.

It's weird, I first found out about the Evil Dead in high school when I bought my first issue of Fangoria with this cover. It took several years before it was playing nearby where I could see it. Now years later I'm closing in on 50 and watching Ash get his ass kicked again. Life is funny.
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Yeah, 30 minutes is too short.

Also, some bits of dialogue feel choppy. The whole sequence at the graves, especially, where people would just sort of recite their bits with no logical connection at all (Kelly's "You know they were Jewish, right" felt particularly egregious).

But I'm still watching the next episode. I'm eager for them to get some real story going, after all the setup and character motivating introductions. I'm especially curious about the Lucy Lawless character. It's clear to me that the pilot formula still works, but they can't keep running on that for much longer.
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I laughed out loud several times too, usually when there was a fountain of blood painting the scene. Still loving it! Going to disagree about the length though, I think 30 minutes is just about right. As much as I love to watch Bruce Campbell mugging, I feel like a full hour would skew the talking to rocking ratio too far.
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I didn't realise the show was going to be 30 mins after the 45 min pilot. But it feels punchy and I'd rather a tight 30 minutes than a flabby 45.
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The blood in the car scene was fantastic. Then they go outside to "freshen up" and are suddenly wearing the same exact clothes, freshly laundered.

Oh and the fatherly advice to Pablo, once you get jacked in the face, you will know what to do.

I am loving this.
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I like the 30-minute length too; much as I was left wanting more at the end, I think hour-long episodes could have pacing issues. But the season is going to make for great binge-watching eventually.
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Oh man, I did not do this week's ungainly, plodding Walking Dead and favors by watching it immediately after this.
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Yeah, one more vote in favor of the 30 minute format here. I love the whole "Evil Dead" franchise, but it is not a fictional world that has ever made a great deal of sense. In addition to the risk of introducing pacing problems, I think that blowing all 10 episodes up to an hour would make for a situation in which suspension of disbelief would become harder and harder.

Mimi Rogers was great as a deadite. I'm pretty sure this episode can go toe-to-toe with any other 30 continuous minutes from the movies, in terms of total volume of blood fountaining onto to the actors.
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