Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Into The Woods
November 8, 2015 6:59 PM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Jake's plan for a relaxing weekend cabin getaway with Charles and Terry goes awry when he fails to take certain key considerations (namely, food) into account. Back at the precinct, Amy gets Gina to help her come up with a no-fail "shark tank" pitch for her practical yet boring invention. Meanwhile, Holt summons forth every last ounce of the raw emotion within in order to coach Rosa through an unexpectedly painful breakup. (Bye, Marcus...)


Paste Magazine: Terry Crews Talks Brooklyn Nine-Nine, World's Funniest and Combatting Insecurity

Also, B99 was the first topic on last week's NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. Over the course of ~20 minutes, the PCHH crew talk about their mutual love of the show and its cast, its evolution over the course of the past 2+ seasons, and how it fits into the current pop culture landscape.
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Halfway through Holt's recitation of the URL I turned to my wife and half-shouted "WHERE IS ANDRE BRAUGHER'S EMMY?"

I stand by that.
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Wait, has anybody tried going to that URL?
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One of the AV Club commentators did - it sends you to the Amazon page for the second season of B99. I tried to link it here but for some reason Metafilter chokes on the URL:
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The last scene between Holt and Diaz was just soooo good. They made genuine emotional honesty both poignant and hilarious.

"We're so good at this."
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"But never to a friend's house, huh?"
"Uncalled for."

"... But do you think it's enough?"
"We're done, good bye..?"
OMG how I laughed.
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I kept expecting Amy to turn around, and dazzle the purchasing department with her thoroughly researched stats about how the lights would save time and money, thereby proving to Gina that it's not just the flash but the substance that is needed to win out at the end of the day.
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more shows in general need angry spooning in a pit
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I would not be at all surprised if the entire A plot was built around that scene.
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It sort of strained the bounds of credulity that Boyle wouldn't have had a menu planned for the weekend, though.
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but the sight of him giddily brandishing his little foraging bucket more than made up for it
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I mean, it's possible that he was planning endless ways to artisinally prepare their fresh-caught fish.
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idk i feel like the guy who tucks an emergency protein bar in his bff's riot gear because he knows the friend will forget to eat is not the kind of guy who goes away for a fishing weekend without a Plan B wrt food sources
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PERALTA: "We're gonna go out into the woods and hunt and fish for our food!"
BOYLE: "Sounds great, Jake! I've got some menu ideas--"
PERALTA: "Nope. No menu planning! Just picking up fresh fish and eating 'em raw!"
BOYLE: "What a great idea, Jake!"

I believe that Boyle's desire to please Jake is greater than his foodieism. But it's close.
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Yeah I think Boyle has so much faith in Jake that he sincerely thought they were going to be loads of fresh, beautiful fish, mushrooms, wild lavender, raspberries, god knows what else.
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You know what I love? What I absolutely, absolutely love about this episode? There's not one single millisecond of bullshit, fragile masculinity, homophobic "Ew, I can't spoon with a man!" reaction from any of the three guys. It doesn't even ping their radar. Of course they're going to spoon, because it is frikken cold out! And the only real issue is who gets to spoon.

I love so much that they didn't raise any of that sort of issue, I'm a little disappointed with myself for even bringing it up. It is just so great to see the episode go by without any of that bullshit, and maybe it would've been better for this whole thread to go by without it being brought up either. But I just need to let you all know how much I loved it.

Also, the way they all turned over at once, with Jake being pulled from the side into the middle? That too was hilarious.
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angry spooning in a pit

It's a hole, not a pit!
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I am perfectly happy to praise and read praise of all the ways B99 shows you don't need that toxic crap, meese. Keep it coming.
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Super-late on this one, but yeah, there's really no gay-panic in this show's DNA at all. The Peralta-Boyle and Hitchcock-Scully relationships are sometimes comedically horrifying, but not because of that, and from the pilot, Holt's sexuality was treated purely as "oh so he was unjustly mistreated by assholes who aren't like this precinct is now" and never as the butt of a joke. Even when he pulls out "YASS QUEEN" it's a moment of awesome that comes as a triumphant surprise.

Fuck this show is good.
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The Holt-Diaz scenes in this episode are SO GREAT; I was happily reminded of Martha Wells's Murderbot books.
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