Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Mattress
November 16, 2015 6:38 PM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

When Jake and Amy work their first case together as a couple, it's time to go to the mattresses. Back at the precinct, Charles (in Charge?) accidentally scratches Holt's prized convertible, and Rosa finds out that her Little Brother mentee got picked up for shoplifting.
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Loved Gina perfectly understanding how to correct Holt's thinking about the scratched car (and then asking for the money for the cupcake).
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Rosa clearly went to the Susan Sto Helit school of childrearing.
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"I love being a mentor."
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Even though the Rosa storyline in this episode doesn't really link up to the rest, it's nice to see them broadening the character's emotional range. Up to this point in the series, Rosa's been (intentionally) kind of a monotone tough/capable character. While Stephanie Beatriz has done a great job in modulating Rosa's basic stoicism to convey her moods over the course of the show, I can tell that the writers are more confident in letting her break that mask in small but noticeable ways.
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It's very hard for me to imagine that Holt doesn't measure the placement of his tires relative to the parking spot lines to ensure that both front and back tires are equidistant from the line each time he parks. I mean, really, that parking job is a Peralta-level of messiness and disorder!
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Agreed, I'm still confused that they chose not to address Holt's sloppy parking at all. At least say it was Kevin dropping him off!
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Exactly! What's next? Holt eating a drippy sub sandwich at his desk?
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Perhaps he is just bad at parking. Not that he would believe such a thing, but we just saw how he can have a Dunning-Kruger issue with perceiving his competence when it comes to emotional displays.
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He read an article on Have you read it?
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Dammit, I clicked on that with so much hope in my heart.
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When I'm not cackling at this show, the bits that are written to be more serious usually pay off for me too. Examples: Holt's coaching Jake with the story about Kevin buying a car to help establish their relationship; Rosa's revelation to Terry that she let her mentee off with a warning because she realized (thanks to Terry) that Miss Thing ruined ballet for her.

And Gina going to bat for Boyle... then demanding payment from Holt for the cupcake.
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My two favorite moments (besides those mentioned above) were the fight about "YOUR butt isn't serious about this relationship" and also the slow-motion mattress-trying-montage.

"I'm obsessed with finding you the right mattress."

These threads are such a love-fest and I'm not mad. B99 is maybe my favorite comedy on TV right now.
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I'm going to choose to believe the mattress store employee is the neighbor from "Don't Trust the B*" after he got fired by the city.

*Look for a series thread soon on Fanfare
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I really enjoyed seeing Michael Blaiklock making a cameo too! He was generally pretty funny in Don't Trust the B, that earnestness works here too.
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I was fascinated by Rosa's smirk all through the scene with Miss Miriam. I couldn't tell if it was about relishing her teacher's tough love because that's what she understands (even if she resents it), OR smugness at Terry trying to make a point and (initially) missing really badly.
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