Other Space: Into the Great Beyond... Beyond
November 10, 2015 4:19 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Young Stewart Lipinski is made captain of an exploratory space mission into space... his older sister Karen is made his second in command, and is none too happy about it. When their ship and crew stumble into a different universe with no way home, Stewart and Karen have to figure out their differences in order to survive.

Tired of making a faster-than-light jump every thirty-three minutes? Make a jump to another episode every twenty-seven or so minutes on Yahoo Screen's original comedy series created by Paul Feig.
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I was inspired to do this FanFare by 256's Rewatch post on Battlestar Galactica and the recent Aziz Ansari post on the blue.

My overall take on this episode: a little too exposition-y, a little too pilot-y.
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Oh, god, so pilot-y.

I liked this series -- it was clearly intended to ape Red Dwarf in aesthetic and writing, and it largely succeeded at least in evoking that DIY feeling (albeit not the quality). But yeah, this episode could have used a little less setup. Rule of thumb: if your sitcom has so many characters with so much backstory that you can barely cram them and it all into the first episode, then cut someone.
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The writers tried heroically to shoehorn everyone in. Kent comes off as just weird, Michael doesn't get anything other than nebbishy until the episode's last scene, and wtf, how could anyone completely forget Chad from auxiliary deck?
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(Yes, I know.)
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I only discovered this a week ago, and I'm up to Ep 3. It's hilarious, if you discard the DIY and "try hard" style.

That their entire food supply is fudge just has to be an in-joke from something.

Stay with it - it gets weirder.
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Oh, and Natasha is worth watch if just for what she does (and wears) in the background.
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FYI, I'm planning on adding new episodes alongside BSG in FanFare.
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I've seen the whole series and loved it. I'd advise sticking with it.
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Episode two.
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Hey, that's MST3K's Joel Hodgson as Zalian Fletcher the stoned engineer! And Trace Beaulieu (Dr. Forrester / Crow) as the useless robot!

I kind of wish those two were sitting on chairs making fun of the rest of the show, but I'll see what I think after the second episode...
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So per the discussions about the orville on the blue, someone linked to this article and that article linked to the show's tumblr, which has direct links to Yahoo's streaming pages for all the episodes! I'd never heard of the show and I'm watching now!
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