Other Space: Getting to Know You
November 14, 2015 9:40 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

In an attempt to raise the morale of his frightened and fudge-riddled crew, Stewart initiates a bonding session that devolves into ice-breaker games. When Karen discovers that one of the crew members is actually an alien who’s implanted memories in their heads, they play a high-stakes game of Mafia to weed out the intruder.

The first rule of Mafia is, Mafia rocks.
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Stewart is completely right about how the crew would be safer if they all stick together. Between this, his simulation solution, and his realization about the hallucinations, he's actually a good skipper. His complete lack of ego makes it easy for him to make the correct big decisions—it also makes him pretty much useless for day-to-day operations. He can't dance for shit, but that is teachable.
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Just one sign that this show is skightly off-centre is that they decide who the alien is by him only talking in quotes from the Great Demi-God Idol Matthew McConaughey.
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It don't get much prettier than that.
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I loved this episode. I started out thinking Chad was definitely the alien because he was just shoehorned in from the last episode and he's randomly much better looking than the rest of the crew.

And theeen Kent was super suspect!

And then it was Chad! And I actually looked up Monterey Bay, and I hadn't seen Sahara, but holy crap it was there!
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