Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)
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Tucker & Dale are on vacation at their dilapidated mountain cabin when they are attacked by a group of preppy college kids.

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Oh God, this was fun! The premise doesn't always really work - they stretch it a little too far sometimes for the sake of the joke. (Like can you literally just run smack onto a pointed log and impale yourself? I'm not convinced.) But the joke was enough fun to play with that I went with it.

He looks like he's gonna walk it off, he's gonna be fine!
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Oh man, I watched this as a lark on NetFlix a year or two ago because who doesn't love Alan Tudyk and silly movies - but i really liked it.

Tucker: All right... I know what this is.
Dale: What?
Tucker: This is a suicide pact.
Dale: It's a what?
Tucker: These kids are coming out here, and killing themselves all over the woods.
Dale: My God, that makes so much sense.
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I want to go back and re-watch this to contribute more, but I'll toss in what struck me from go with this when I first saw it shortly after video release: I really wish they'd committed more fully to the Tucker & Dale perspective. The initial switch is wonderful but they don't stay there. I'd have preferred a little more mystery as to what is happening with the kids.

Tudyk is fun as always, but I have been a fan of Tyler Labine since Dead Last, which I think is a show where I made up 5% of the viewing audience all by myself.
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My review from when it first came out. I mention that this is a parody of a rather minor subgenre in horror, hixploitation, but don't go into it much, so here's the best links I can provide on the topic:

Grindhouse on the topic.
Furious cinema.
Hick Flicks: The Rise and Fall of Redneck Cinema

When you've watched a bunch of these, Tucker and Dale is positively delicious.
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Tyler Labine is awesome, but a bit typecast - I was first exposed to him from Reaper. I gave Tucker and Dale a shot on Tudyk's involvement but Labine sealed the deal.

Cabin in the Woods is another spit-take on the "college kids in the woods" splatter horror; less funny more serious, but I liked Tucker and Dale better.
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Cabin in the Woods is another spit-take on the "college kids in the woods" splatter horror; less funny more serious, but I liked Tucker and Dale better.

T&DvE was a loving homage; CitW was a loving deconstruction.
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I'd say T&DvE was both a loving homage and a crafty inversion.
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So good! Last time we drove past a group of snake people struggling to put chains on their car (to drive in the rain, I guess? Fucking Snoqualmie pass), it was all I could do to not shout, "HEY! COLLEGE KIDS!"

I do think it goes well back-to-back with 'Cabin in the Woods.' This one is more of a joyful romp though. And there is no wrong with Alan Tudyk.

The movie also resonates with me as I become older and more rural. College kids versus the rural poor (which I am not) is a real thing that exists.

Also, I'm glad Jenkers didn't get hurt.
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Ha! MeTa.
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I saw this one a few months back. Lots of silly fun. One of my favourite moments was the chat-up attempt at the gas station, complete with that ridiculous forced laugh.

I agree with the first comment that it would be impossible to impale yourself on a log by running into it. A disembowelment would have been more realistic, though you'd probably just wind up with a relatively minor wound, or even some cuts or bruising.
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Oh, I love this one! That whole bit with Alan Tudyk and the chainsaw and the hornets is so perfectly and sublimely funny.
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I love this movie. Don't have a ton more useful stuff to say about it, but it was a very pleasant surprise when I stumbled across it.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this and Cabin in the Woods are a good pairing.
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This was my Halloween watch this year. Went into it not knowing much, other than a recommendation from my sister. Great way to see it.

Thought it was a sweet movie, which is admittedly an odd thing to say about a movie where a head-first dive into a woodchipper is one of the tamer deaths.
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I just wanted to say that this movie was delightful in every way and I'm glad this thread finally got me to watch it on Netflix.
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Loved this movie. I imagine a backstory for Tucker and Dale, where they come from that part of the country and are fully at home (obviously) - BUT that this trip is a type of small vacation or weekend getaway, and in reality they moved away a long time ago, are actually highly college educated and have important city-based jobs. They just "re-adjust" when they travel back for their cabin getaways, just like a lot of us perhaps do when we go home for xmas or something similar....
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Oh man, I wanted to like this SO MUCH, the premise is killer, but it kept feeling like it was one rewrite away from being great? Just a little too loose? It's fun but I kept thinking how much better it could be if it was tighter.
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College kids! College kids!
- Say it again. Louder.
College kids! Hey, college kids! College kids!
- I don't see 'em. They must have run off.

My wife and I would say "college kids!" to each-other occasionally after this movie, just because.

Seems like time for a re-watch.
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