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Discussing the new season as it occurs.
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Can I say how happy I was with Pierce's handling of Amelia's white fragility? And how unhappy I was with her attempts at one upping New Zealand guy? Bailey would have ripped him a new one. Christina would have ripped him a new one. So why is Pierce finding his bull shit charming? Just - ugh.
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"Do we hate him?" - LOVED this.
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So why is Pierce finding his bull shit charming? Just - ugh.

I wondered this too. I thought she was not going to be charmed by him and was bewildered when the scene just ended without her telling him to shut up.
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I heard Shonda Rhimes on NPR this weekend and they asked her about improvisation on her shows. Her answer: "No."
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So are we thinking McKiwi is Owen's brother-in-law? He must've done a bad, bad thing.
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Hee. McKiwi.
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Yeah it's gotta be brother in law, right?

Although the "Do we hate him" gave me conflicted feelings. On one hand it's good when friends stick by friends, but I've personally been on the side of being hated by people who I thought were friends when I did literally nothing wrong. So at the same time I wondered what he had done and if he deserved to be hated of if it was an interpersonal situation that didn't have a right or wrong.
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I get what you mean, but I was really happy to see Meredith put someone else as a priority.
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All my years of watching this show have been worth it just for Ellen Pompeo's completely straight delivery of the line "Do you think Owen's mom is Riggs' mom? Because that has happened to me before."
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Yay! We can dish about Grey's on the fly. I have already pasted that clip of Pierce to about three different places. Don't give her the extra work of making you feel good about it indeed! I am reckoning McKiwi is evil brother-in-law, but undoubtedly in a way that won't actually be his fault in any meaningful manner since he is so obviously being set up for boot-knocking.
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I really appreciate the addict personality quirks they are giving Amelia this season - everything always must be about her and her wants - no one else's suffering or preferences matter except for hers. I never watched Private Practice, so I don't know if this is consistent with her character- but I kind of like how she really isn't the redeemed sinner addict with a heart of gold.
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Private Practice wasn't "written" so much as "ripped from the headlines."

It was a hunk of crap. Amelia didn't really have a personality there.
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Proposal for an addition to the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital interview process:

Just for the sake of argument, are there any surgeons or physicians you know that, were you to walk around a corner and see them, an angry confrontation would immediately occur?
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Wasn't there a line like "I had a sister"?

McKiwi couldn't have been born a she, could he?
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They kinda already did the mad-about-my-sibling's-transition storyline recently with Bailey's husband. I'd be surprised if they did it again.
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I don't know; we might have predicted that "long lost half-sister magically appears as another surgeon at my hospital" was not very repeatable. And yet...

I would rather not repeat the hostile reaction to sibling transition story though.
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So....we're just ignoring McKiwi drama this week while Meredith is silent and miserable?

Shouldn't Amelia be immediately fired for working while drunk? What the hell hospital?
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We haven't been able to bring ourselves to watch the one where Meredith is attacked by a patient (or the subsequent ones). We should hold our noses and watch, yes?
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The only way to it is through it. I did like the "have you read my file" line though.
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That was great, yeah.

As for McKiwi vs. McPTSD, I don't entirely buy a trauma surgeon holding another surgeon personally accountable for someone who died in the field. Not to this extent, for this long.

We were talking in our house about how Karev, once maybe the most neglected character among the show's original core, has quietly, steadily turned into one of its best and most complex. I'm a sucker for the kind of character who'd really prefer to be a heel but is inconvenienced by a mile deep streak of goodness running deep within him that he just can't cut off.
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So Owen's sister's helicopter just disappeared and she's assumed dead? Per Soap Opera rules- she is still alive and going to join the surgical staff at Grey Sloan at the end of this season.
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Could that have been any more useless? He is literally blame free, not even by the most stringent control freak brother rules can he be consider to have "killed" her. Would it kill them to have a slightly more complicated set up there than this lazy old "welp, crazy Owen!" thing.
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The big "reveal" about the sister was so dumb that the next day, I had to ask my husband what had happened; it just left my brain quietly.
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Ok. What is with Grey Sloan surgeons not understanding how pregnancy works? Meredith did not know what baby kicks were when she was pregnant with Bailey and now April doesn't understand? I get how it's hard I describe it, but I felt my kid kick and knew exactly what it was. Did none of these doctors even do a rotation with OB? I have this vendetta about supposedly smart people doing incredibly stupid things for plot devices.
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I am running out of fucks to give for several of the main storylines.

Amelia's anxiety/recovery issues: 0.5 fucks.
Jackson & April: zero fucks
McKiwi and McPTSD: minus two fucks. That is, I didn't give a fuck, then it got two levels of magnitude more annoying and boring.
Anything to do with Jo: negative five fucks.

Also, they're sending the wrong half of the detonated Callie/Arizona marriage away. Arizona, although chipper in outward disposition and a saint in how she takes care of her child patients--is straight up THE WORST when it comes to adult human interaction. She's a self-absorbed sociopath hiding behind a veneer of toothy grins and skate shoes. She needs to win a prestigious fellowship at the bottom of the Bering Strait and stay there.

I did like how the Bailey/Bailey's husband thing went down. That was riveting. And although the dating stories are normally the worst, I do kinda find the Meredith's second dating life stuff interesting.

And finally, has anyone else noticed that the guy playing McKiwi seems to have some kind of unholy personal charisma with the female actors on the set? There have been multiple occasions where I'm pretty sure it wasn't intentional on the part of the writers or directors, but interactions between him and the women on the show were electric. He doesn't seem inordinately charismatic on camera, but my wife and I are convinced he must just walk around in a cloud of sexy pheromones. Because he gets some serious unscripted WHAT IS UP from the ladies on the show.
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And now a very special episode of Grey's Anatomy. God that episode was basically unwatchable...
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What Do You Mean? It Fairly Explored The Various Aspects Of Gun Control In A Manner Relevant To Women Viewers Before ... Ah who am I kidding, Jesus Christ! I did have the feels for poor auld Amelia though, I love Emolia.
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You guys. I might be out. We stopped watching the one where the mom of all those kids dies because of Bailey's husband because i just couldn't fucking take it. Am I to understand that there's a "very special" episode next?

We were unapologetic skippers of the McDreamy's death episode. I think I'm going to elide this one too and pick up for some of the Calzona stuff that I've seen recap headlines about.

In contradictory news: I started reading Shonda Rhimes book "Year of Yes." Enjoyable!
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Magic waking-up, or no.
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Umm ok - what? What happened to "do we hate him?"

Also - Jo is the worst, like the literal worst.
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I hate Callie. Actually I kinda hate everyone at this point, but trainwreck-Amelia pushes my buttons. I kinda like how Merideth is getting progressively more obviously anti-hero, would be kinda cool if she did full circle to actual villain .., like imagine if they'd given Bailys husband's storyline to her, but ended it in something more drastic than suspension. Actually, given the story so far it would make most sense for the hospitals next shooter-of-the-season to •be• Merideth.
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Weirdly, Trainwreck Amelia is awful, but Ace Surgeon Amelia is awesome. Can't we have more of her being smart and good?
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(Still catching up: Harry Crane! Is a person who lives in the present day!)
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