The Leftovers: A Most Powerful Adversary
November 16, 2015 3:35 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Kevin looks for a solution to his problems, he confronts someone from his past and then ...

... I just finished watching this episode and my heart, unlike Kevin's, is still pounding. Every week, when I end up in tears, in shock, utterly baffled at the twists and turns this story takes, I think they can't make this show any better/worse (in the sense of what the viewer is put through). Then they do something like this to the main character and just when I thought I was beginning to figure it out, I'm back at Square One.
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I am hopeful that Virgil is going to help Kevin, and possibly retrieve the girls, but has no interest in returning because of guilt over his molestation of John. All of that would explain Michael's blasé reaction. We already know that Michael feeds the man on the platform, so maybe he knows exactly what's up. Maybe Michael will revive Kevin.
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I wonder if Kevin is going to start appearing in someone's head, in the same way Patty appeared in his...

And if that happens, I wonder if Patty will continue to haunt Kevin whilst Kevin haunts someone else.

Unlikely, but...
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Russian doll hauntings? Interesting.
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Thank you so much for posting this because I was afraid I'd come to Fanfare after watching this by myself. And find no post. And myself, empty, and needing someone to hold me. Please hold me.

Fucking hell this is great television.

Most of the episode I was getting a strong Twin Peaks Season 2 vibe. Patty is Bob, a figment of a twisted brain, a malevolent force of mental illness. Only this show is way smarter and more clearly aimed that Twin Peaks ever was. And Patty is the best.

And then that crazy twist at the end. I hope it sticks and that Kevin is dead and things just go on from here. That'd be great. I fear they'll find some way to bring him back though. I mean he is the star, and he did just act the hell out of this episode. But oh god having him killed that way, so powerful.

(Shout out to the writers for acknowledging the Magical Negro trope, even if they couldn't quite use that phrase. Virgil has really annoyed me. Exploring his abuse of his family, then calling out the trope, helped put that to rights. Confused a bit here though; Virgil says "I hurt him.. and then he hurt me". So is that Michael? But Michael's father John went to jail, so who did the hurting?)
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Jesus, what are the odds that you end up marrying the guy your grandfather molested?
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