Whither 'The Wire'?
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So, we've been doing a first-watch of 'The Wire' (started by Sara C and carried on by a few other people). And, as the posting frequency has become more irregular, the amount of comments has dropped off quite a bit. We're currently at the end of the first season, so it seems like a good time to talk about where to go from here.

Do we want to keep going? If so, do we want to keep it a first-watch, or switch to rewatch? Should we consider a more regular schedule of posts, every three days or once a week or something?

My own opinion is that I'd like to keep going with it, and to try to do that in a way that maximizes participation. I'm eager to hear yours (especially if you're Sara C, because, yeah, I feel like this is kind of your thing).
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(Tiny note: 'Sara C.' has a period at the end of it. Apologies for leaving it out.)
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I blew right through seasons one and two once I started watching, and quickly reached the point where I didn't remember enough details about specific episodes to offer any good comments. The show is just too good.

This is a first watch for me, but I'd be fine to switch to a rewatch policy if spoilers are keeping people from commenting. I don't mind knowing what's coming.
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It was pointed out to me in the First Watch that I had said a couple of things that were inadvertent spoilers. Which made me think of starting a rewatch, but its summer and my organizational skills are poor at the best of times.
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Giving the difference between the breaking bad threads, a rewatch might be worth trying. I'd like to keep going, but the lack of comments does make me sad
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This show is definitely best experienced in big gulps.

I made a few ssn1 posts, and tried to do them on 2's and 7's (so the 12th and the 17th, f'rinstance) which was a random choice based on when the two previous posts were made.

I think Sara C. said that she watched all 5 seasons within the first few weeks of our posts on ssn1 here, so she may have lost interest in the extended First Watch. Given that, but with deference to Sara C. of course, I would volunteer to put up Rewatch posts for ssn2. Since I too watched ssn1 super fast, I suggest we put up posts at a much greater rate. Like, maybe 3 or 4 eps per week?

Yays or nays?
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(I finished all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad in something like 18 days, and with that out of my system I have time to make posts and watch other shows again. =)
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I blew right through seasons one and two once I started watching, and quickly reached the point where I didn't remember enough details about specific episodes to offer any good comments.

This is exactly how it happened for me, too. I was already well into season 3 by the time my favorite bits of season 1 were being posted and the show is so cohesive that I could never remember which bits happened in which episodes.

Three or four episodes a week sounds great to me! Hell, I'd be up for someone posting the whole season at once, OITNB-style, but maybe that would be a bit much.
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At first I thought 'two at once twice a week' but there's a one post per week limit on FanFare and that includes FFTalk posts.
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Season Two is twelve episodes--how about one Rewatch post a week, with each post covering three episodes?
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I feel like including multiple eps in one post would require a bit more fleshing out in terms of how the post itself is structured and how we go about discussing discrete episodes that each have different theme elements and plot arcs. Not necessarily against it, I just think we should suss it out a bit more beyond 'let's try it this way'.
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I was active in some of the early threads, but real life has intruded and I'm three episodes behind now. Hoping to catch up this weekend, but I can't guarantee it. Even though I'm a first-timer, if people want to switch to a rewatch I don't think I'd mind seeing spoilers.
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I think multiple episodes in one post doesn't really work with how the site is structured - there's drop down lists to set episode and season when you do a new post. There isn't a way to enter multiple episodes in that field.
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I feel for anyone who adds a show to FanFare only to find the comments slow to a trickle after a few episodes. It's difficult to find the motivation to keep posting: no blame. Multiple episode posts do seem like they could be the antidote to this fatigue but I agree with carsonb, it really complicates things for the poster. I asked about selective rewatching and in the anarchic spirit of MeFi it's apparently kosher, but I'm not sure if that extends to tossing up a post for the finale and discussing an entire season. It is attractive to me because I know how much energy can be expended fretting about when to post, what to post, how much information to include, what to say about the episode, and so on. I have a hard enough time coming up with a three sentence synopsis of a sitcom.

So, yeah, I guess none of this is all that useful. I do know increasing Arrested Development to three times a week didn't do much to alleviate the situation of a clearly beloved show attracting very little activity.

I do think the subsite is young enough that we could be excused for trying something weird like a single thread for a season and if it works pointing to it as an example, like, "This is a useful feature, why not a choice for "ALL" in the episode drop down menu?"
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carsonb and InfidelZombie make good points about the multiple-episodes-one-post notion--I think we can table that. And I agree with Lorin (if I'm reading correctly) that considering some kind of one-post-for-the-season approach might be worthwhile (especially since it seems more than a few people have started rewatching 'The Wire' and gone on, like, crazy binges anyway).
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You are, and I do think it'd be worth a try. I get the sense from the last FanFare MeTa that many are overwhelmed by the volume and frequency of posts. Aside from temporarily suspending activities it seems like a way to continue while not contributing to that.

So, first watch or rewatch? As a self-contained discussion of the most self-contained of seasons first watch might be a good fit. I don't know, I'm just making this stuff up!
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I was actually thinking that the re-watch would be OK to do all in one thread, that way folks who'd downed the whole season or didn't care to slog through it again could talk about the season in its entirety. Then if First-Watchers wanted to break out posts episode-by-episode they could do that and discuss spoiler-free one ep at a time?
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Good point. As an experiment then it would be no threat to a more comprehensive first-watch down the road.
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I have something lined up for the Season 2 Re-watch. Y'all ready to talk about it?
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I've seen it so many times now that I'm game whenever. Not sure if others want a few days to catch up or refresh or what.
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In the words of more than one Wire character, do what you feel. I'm definitely down to talk about S2.
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Felicitations to FanFare fellows for facilitating my first-watch follow-through of The Wire.

I didn't have an account here when I started the show. So I watched all five seasons in two or three weeks. And I tell ya, I would have binged even if I had had an account and a First Watch thread to follow and contribute to. It's too good!

I support the suggestions above and will try to contribute to Wire threads anyway.
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Submitted, we'll see what the mods say about our formatting choices.
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Yeah, sorry, but I can't approve the meta-post of the whole season, that's not how FanFare was set up to work and I don't want to deviate from the norm so early in the site's development.
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OK no worries.
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I would recommend not re-watching until you're finished with the entire series. But I would say, it's good to let some time pass in between each season. Even if just a couple weeks. Nice to let things absorb before switching gears, as each season has a different focal point.

In fact, the difference between season 1 and 2 is for me the most jarring in the series.. but it's good and very deep, and it opens an entirely new perspective on the proceedings. Stick with it!!

As far as remembering details, there are all kinds of summary vignettes on the DVDs to catch you up, and you can always read plot summaries online.
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New proposal:
starting tomorrow. We'll be done with SSN2 in a little over two weeks.

I may have to bow out of posting duties (partway through or altogether) as I may not have reliable Intertubes while on vacation after the 24th.
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I'm pretty sure this one won't get rejected.
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carsonb, please don't do that! I'm pretty sure a weekly, regular schedule, with the previous post linked in the thread would be a lot better.
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I'm out of town for ten days. Anyone who's up for it should take over posting ssn2, perhaps at a pace more to your preference.
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OK, so we're done with Season 2!

I know New Television is on for the Fall season now, does that mean we want to hold off on the season 3 re-watch until the boredom of reruns sets in again? Personally I don't watch any of that new-fangled stuff, and would be OK with soldiering on through season 3 on Sundays if anyone else is interested?

What say you?!
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I'm in the throes of a concentrated binge and just finished season 2, so I'm in sync with the posts except that it's my first time. Very interested.
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Oh hah, yes, third season on sundays would be fine with me.
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Season 3 has ended. I'm up to continue, if there are no objections.
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