My Favorite Year
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My Favorite Year is a 1983 comedy/drama about a young writer's experience, during one week, on the set of a variety/comedy live TV show. It starred Peter O'Toole, Mark Linn-Baker, Jessica Harper, Joseph Bologna, Bill Macy, and more in an ensemble cast. Directed by Richard Benjamin. Are people interested in planning a viewing, and discussion of, "My Favorite Year"?

This movie can be a little difficult to get a hold of: it appears to be available on Amazon on demand (link). It is listed at Netflix but the DVD mail-in service has the movie as "saved for later"- not currently available. You local public library my have a copy, either on VHS or DVD, or they may be able to get a hold of a copy for you via intra-library loan.

Other ways to watch?

It might be a good idea to do the FanFare thread in 2-3 weeks, if people have trouble hunting down discs.

Major themes: hero-worship, what entertainment icons represent in our lives, and also the disappointment involved in meeting your heroes; family as providing bedrock; gender roles and restrictions; fame (and sex appeal) and how it screws you up - yet also has rewards; the chaos of "putting on a show" in the era of live TV in the 1950s. Alcoholism is a major theme. Perhaps also how the increasing role of TV sorted the actors into those who can adapt to live TV, and those who can't.

Screwball comedy, language comedy, surreal comedy, quirky stuff, set-pieces, great sets and costumes, and EXCELLENT comic timing by the cast.

Based on Mel Brook's experiences on Sid Caeser's "Your Show of Shows" in the '50s.
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Link to imdb entry for the film.
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Yeah, I saw this on VHS from my library about five years back, but they dumped their VHS collection and ... I don't even have a working VHS player anymore. CIS doesn't show any other viable streaming options other than paid rental through an array of services.
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It's been on my "really should catch" list for a long time. Hmm the local library has a dvd. What's the policy here for "sharing"?
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It's rentable on Youtube:
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I'll watch. I've got it on LaserDisc!
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Well, there seems to be *some* interest. I'm not sure it's enough for a discussion thread, though.

Shall we set a date or keep discussing? Some MeFites might not even check in with FanFare that much, so I don't have a gauge as to how long to keep this open before (if) we set a date to watch.
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I would absolutely be 200% down for this. Heck, I'd be down for an O'Toole-themed viewing series.
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Funny you should post this, since I just rewatched it -- the disc is available through the Minuteman Library System in Massachusetts and was in good condition. (The BPL also appears to have it.) I had a recent experience in real life that made me identify with Benjy, so watching this was very cathartic, and I would be down for a re-watch.
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Okay, well why don't we set a date, then? It seems like a good Sunday movie, and I want to give people a couple of weeks to get organized.

SUNDAY 24TH AUGUST re-watch date for "My Favorite Year"

I'll publish a FanFare post the morning of that date.
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Heck, I'd be down for an O'Toole-themed viewing series.

May as well mention here that I just loved How to Steal a Million, with O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn (and a great supporting cast) -- from an era of effortless comedy. An under-appreciated gem that would probably appeal to fans of MFY.
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Just a reminder: My Favorite Year rewatch is ON for next Sunday - be there or be sqaure! :)
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Pointer: My Favorite Year is now up at FanFare.
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