Elementary: Tag, You're Me
November 21, 2015 10:02 AM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Holmes and Watson are back with the NYPD, just like that. Their first case back is about two dead men who look remarkably alike, which leads to a recently thawed cold missing person case and a tech company that specializes on facial recognition. And Sherlock's father, Morland, is still in New York for reasons not wholly clear (yet).
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Kind of ridiculous for Sherlock not to recognize Dorian's make-up/wig as being an anti-facial-recognition disguise immediately. I realize it's the CBS procedural house-style to always state the obvious, but considering Holmes' involvement with Everyone, Elementary's 'Anonymous' knock-off, they should have stuck Bell with the 'looking like a clown' dig.

I'm still curious to see where the reconciliation with Morland will go. I was happy with the way the Mycroft story ended, and I loved the Kitty arc, so I have faith that we'll get somewhere good. But I have no sense yet of where that might be. Will it be about forgiveness, and Sherlock letting Morland parent him? Or will it be that thing that happens when you grow up and your parents get older and you find yourself parenting them instead?
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For about a minute, I was afraid that Morland was going to tell Sherlock that he had cancer. I should have had more faith.
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I'm very curious about where the Morland/Sherlock relationship is going. Like Joan, I very much distrust Morland, but I have no idea what his larger game might be. I don't think he's out and out evil, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't have explicit bad intentions towards Sherlock. But otherwise I have no idea where this plotline is going.

That last conversation between Sherlock and Morland was some of Elementary at its best. It's what convinced me that there's probably no horrible dark secret between Morland and Sherlock like hidden abuse, just standard, sad, bad parenting. Though when Morland raised his voice, I did think "if Sherlock flinches, then I am going to hate Morland forever." Sherlock didn't flinch, so I'm willing to give Morland some benefit of the doubt. Though I do not think much of him at all for his "you know what you were like, could anyone have parented you?" comment. It reminded me uncomfortably of Moriarty's gaslighting "you know how you get, you see things that aren't there," plus I think it's some bullshit for a parent to lay the fault for their parenting failures at their child's feet.
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