Farscape: Liars, Guns, and Money (Part 1): A Not So Simple Plan   Rewatch 
November 20, 2015 11:05 PM - Season 2, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Stark returns from the dead with a plan to save D'Argo's son and make them all rich in the process albeit through armed robbery. What they don't know is that it is Scorpius' money they are stealing.[via]
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And, Stark is back!
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Ta da! Seriously, the whole Stark thing is ridiculous. We bring him back, kill him, then bring him back by a miracle of hand waving. Saaaay what?

I like their three parters, and this one is off to a good start, but poor John. Also, I had forgotten that Aeryn got to mirror Han Solo's "I know," at the end of the episode. Nice touch!

In a wonderful turn around, Scorpy tries to force John to be HIS savior in a bad situation.

I feel like I should say more. I wanted to spray Stark with a water bottle or something during his breakdown. Meh.
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Yeah, Stark. He is really annoying in this episode. He lies to John about what D'Argo said and is a bit too hyper. I like his character better when he's not so manic.

Of course, love this bit:
John: Aeryn if Scorpius gets me-
Aeryn: I know, shoot you.
John: No. Nonono! Shoot him! Look, we have to talk.
Aeryn: Not here! You'll get us both killed!
John: Aeryn I have to tell you how I feel, I have to tell you-
Aeryn: No, you don't.
John: Yes, I do. I do.
Aeryn: No. You don't.

I love the way Claudia says that last line--she communicates with just the way she says it that Aeryn knows exactly how John feels. Even though John told Aeryn he loved her in "The Locket" and she told him the picture in the locket was the love of her life, they don't remember that. So, this is the first (kind of) declaration of love. We'll have to wait a couple of more episodes for some more declarations (which, of course, in Farscape fashion, don't go very well).

I really like this trilogy. It has a heist, Zhaan gets to wear an eye patch and be a bad ass, Chiana acts against type, and we get more of Scorpius' back story and an ex-girlfriend (and weird sex). Plus John singing the National Anthem at the top of his lungs! What more could you want? All of the aliens that the crew of Moya has encountered in the last two seasons...done! (See next episode.)
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Browder simply does crazy incredibly well.
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