Limetown: Episode 5: Scarecrow
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Deirdre Wells, Limetown survivor and Max Finlayson's ex-wife, reveals what incited The Panic.

We finally find out just how Lia and her uncle are connected to Limetown, and while some questions are answered, more are raised.
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I'm enjoying this, even as I find the dialogue increasingly literary rather than dramatically appropriate.
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I love how APR is always telling Lia not to do things, and Lia is constantly all "nah, I do what I want": "Don't air this message!" *Lia airs it*, "No in-person interviews!" *Lia runs off to do an in-person interview*. That's my kind of plucky girl reporter.
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I like the dialogue (well, more the subjects than Lia's). I think the voice acting is a real strength, even if it is, yes, very monologuey.
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This one was so good. The descriptions of the implant have/have-not divide (I loved the bit with the waiter who sighs as he realizes he has to actually speak out loud), how it both brought couples closer and divided them (those other names you each think of during sex... you just don't discuss that), how the panic unfolded... it was all great.

Was the fact that Lia's uncle is the mystery man behind the curtain supposed to be some big reveal, though? Because, come on. Law of conservation of characters.
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Was the fact that Lia's uncle is the mystery man behind the curtain supposed to be some big reveal, though? Because, come on. Law of conservation of characters.

Eh, it could have gone either way. She hasn't talked much about her uncle anyway, so to me, it was more "Oh, of course!" than "Yeah, we figured that out already..." (like the "Oh, are all the Black Tapes related?!?" Duh moment in the so-called season finale of The Black Tapes).
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Yeah, I liked the revelation that the failure at Limetown was not "science run amok" so much as "we didn't think through the human element at all when we started this," which is, of course, an entirely plausible scenario.
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I liked this episode-still a little hot and cold on the show. I think Lia's voice acting is the weakest, so maybe that's part of it-I get pulled in and then pulled back out by her pretty stilted recitation.

The human element of this one was great-and do we think it will be wrapped up nearly in two more episodes?
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I don't listen to other podcasts, so my point of reference is Nightvale, where I really find the vocal work there too theatrical. In this simple comparison, I like Lia's voice acting, and it fits into my experience with NPR hosts. Maybe she is a bit flat at points, but I'm pulled in so I don't think about it much.

I'm not great at linking hints and characters, so the uncle reveal caught me by surprise. I can see how it is pretty heavily implied, or at least is a clear connection that can be drawn after the fact, and the soundscape that went along with that moment (really, this whole episode) was great.

For visual reference, I Have Seen The Future buttons (Google image search) from the 1939 New York World's Fair (there are a few different designs, it seems).

And back to audiocraft, did The Tennessee Waltz (YT, video of Patti Page, 1950) at the end of this episode sound oddly warbly to anyone else? I took it as an intentional bit of audio design, tying back to the ice cream social with the dixieland band playing Tennessee Waltz being as artificial as the town and its attempt at being normal.
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I physically flinched as it was revealed why Oscar Totem was killed. That's pretty goddamned awful!
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