Jane the Virgin: Chapter Twenty-Nine
November 23, 2015 10:30 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Jane gets a babysitter and searches for an advisor. There's developments in the crime lord world. Rogelio has job issues. Petra lives out "Weekend at Bernie's." Wesley gets some major dish on the Solanos.

I am happy to announce that even though the ads for this episode made it look like an hour of Target shopping, that only lasts a few minutes, as Jane runs into Michael there and the sads and snow happen.

Major activities in this one:

Jane tries to get an academic advisor. Her first target gets food spilled on her while Jane’s a little too drunk at a party. Jane’s apology goes over better once they bond over breastfeeding and she gets the lady to read her life story, which the lady loves. Jane spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to amp up the story. Then she cycles back to her original instructor, who she’s pissed off by sending a drunken e-mail insulting him. i think she...dropped out of class?! Anyway, the original instructor agrees to be her advisor so he only has to see her once a week rather than three times. I don’t think I get how this grad school is working.

Jane needs to learn to cope with having a babysitter. After playing Babysitting Idol, she hires a very nice one, freaks out, annoys the nice babysitter and she quits. Eventually they do a round two of this, where Jane only leaves on a date with Rafael for an hour and he shows her the house he’s interested in buying. She comes home to find out that the baby waved for the first time while she was out. Jane consults her nanny cam to watch it and sees--UH-OH, RAFAEL PAID OFF THAT GUY TO SQUEAL ON MICHAEL. That’s the second dude Jane’s broken up with in three episodes.

Petra would like to be friends with Jane--they even set a lunch date--but Magda’s Weekend at Bernie’s body disposal ruins all that but good.

Wesley tracks Luisa down at an AA meeting and becomes her new best friend, recording every word she says about her crazy family. Both of them note the “oh, hey, we never did see Luisa’s mom’s body”-ness of it all, and Luisa eventually gets up the nerve to check the coffin-empty! Too bad Michael’s partner chick (Dale?) figures out that probably means that Luisa’s mother is the drug lord Mutter. Meanwhile, Wesley publishes his “Curse of the Solanos” article and Rafael wants to sue.

Oh yeah: MIchael’s firing was a fake, he’s been undercover for six months, and Nadine got shot and killed while saving his life. Eric Wu, professional stoolie, is unthrilled to see Michael there.

Somehow Matthew Weiner is not entranced by Rogelio’s idea of how “I’d like to sell the world a Coke” should go, so he’s out all of his money that he spent on this passion project and the ladies tell him how to budget, such as getting a one room condo and stopping New Pants Wednesdays. Rogelio signs on for a Western and then decides to ride into the sunset instead and wait for something else...which is kinda dumb when you live from $50k paycheck to $50k paycheck. Meanwhile, the theme song Xo wrote for Hombres Locos gets resold to the show Rogelio’s enemy Esteban is on, and when Esteban finds this out he takes it back. Rogelio takes a job where he has to dress like a purple fool on the show to get her song sold again.

“Can we stop that? Yes, we can. Yes, we can.” --EVEN THE NARRATOR IS ANNOYED AT BABY TALK. He is also annoyed at Wesley, “Truman Capote wannabe.”
“I’ve been the tiniest bit focused on myself lately.” --Rogelio, tipping off TMZ on Twitter.
After Jane recounts that she pawed at the lady professor’s boobs, Xo: “Good, you finally got some action.”
“I have decided to play it like I’m suffering from Lyme disease.” --Rogelio isn’t psyched to be on El Rancho de Mi Corazon.
“Where is Petra, where is Petra?” --set to “Frere Jacques.
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Glad it wasn't an out-and-out ad for Target the way the preview seemed to imply. It was a decent episode to move things forward, but not great.
Wasn't too thrilled that Rafael was back in the game for less than an episode before it falls apart again. Why put them together & wreck it again so quickly? Bah.
posted by Laura in Canada at 1:04 PM on November 30, 2015

but I love new pants wednesday!
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