Jessica Jones: AKA I've Got The Blues
November 24, 2015 10:12 PM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Jessica looks for corpses, Simpson really doesn't do well on drugs, Trish kicks ass, and we find out a bit about how the girls became friends.

Okay, after a 24 hour break, are you ready for more yet?

In Flashback Land, we find out that Trish and Jessica barely knew each other from school, but Trish's evil mom got the idea to adopt the orphaned Jessica as some kind of do-gooder charity thing. (Also, the "It's Patsy" theme song and redheaded wig are terrible.) This gave Jessica the opportunity to hear how Trish's mom was abusing her--slashing her with an award, forcing her to be bulimic and calling her "Fatsy," that kind of charming thing-- and for Jessica to accidentally stress-break the sink. Trish, going to hide in the bathroom as well, sees it, and they argue themselves into a stalemate: don't tell so your mom can't exploit my powers, don't save me from her. In the end, Jessica has enough and throws Patsy's mom around. Sorry, gotta renege on that.

Back in crappy real life, after forcing the Hangman Gang to lie about what happened, Jessica spends a long time awake without sleep going to morgues looking for Arnold's body, eventually thinks she sees Kilgrave, and then gets hit by a truck. She'll live, but she's got broken ribs for the moment. Her explanatory text to Trish is "Ow. Pick me up?" while Trish is hosting a rock flautist. (That's adorable.) Unfortunately, a less-roid-ragey Simpson shows up at Trish's work to apologize for his ugly drug personality self--he's quit and is off the drugs again, he swears. Okay, fine, whatever. Trish picks up Jessica, bandages her up--there's a crack about how it could heal broken, story of her life--and Jessica sleeps over, only to be woken by a text about another body. However, it's Clements' body, and she hacks the autopsy report. She assumes it's Kilgrave.

Trish eventually finds Simpson camped out at her door--she really needs to fire that doorman. He doesn't want to lose her over a drug situation, and btw, where's Jessica? Trish is already finding this suspicious when two strange dudes sent by Dr. Koslov come looking for Simpson. Simpson is all, it's cool, I got this, pops two red pills, and shoots them in the head. Then he drags the corpses into Trish's, locks Trish in her gym with the weights in there (DUMB MOVE, like locking MacGyver in the supply cupboard) and then talks to Jessica when she calls. I'll be home in a half hour, Jessica says.

Malcolm meets Jess at home saying that the hangman gang wants to do something and they're waiting for her--they can keep waiting. But here comes Simpson with a gun. Jessica has deduced who killed Clements--those were police issue bullets--and a nasty knock down drag out wall breaking fight ensues. Girl ain't never getting that security deposit back. Trish manages to get over there in time and get into the fray, but both girls end up locking themselves in the bathroom (deja vu) while Simpson smashes at the door. Trish has purloined Simpson's red pills and threatens to take them--he's all don't, they'll kill you without the downers and I'm throwing those out the window. Trish is all "Worth it," pops some, has her adrenaline go super high and bashes on Simpson. Eventually he's knocked out, Trish feels great...and then starts to not breathe so well, so Jess calls an ambulance. Luckily, the EMT's are able to chill her out. Later, Koslov comes along with goons to pick up Simpson.

We have one more joyful conversation with Robyn and Malcolm--support group's disbanded, we're all on our own, and you shouldn't be texting your location to a bunch of strangers who could all be brainwashed to poke out your eyes. Malcolm is all "it isn't like that" (IT ISN'T? looks damn well like it is) and she's all, "Are you a professor of KIlgraveism?" (Yes.) Robyn doesn't think anyone can help anyone, and Malcolm doesn't want to believe that sort of thing.

While sleeping in Trish's hospital room, Kilgrave texts her that he's got her 'boyfriend" and if she hurries she can say goodbye. Jessica runs to Luke's bar only to see it blow up. But no worries, he emerges totally fine, just a bit on fire.

Quote Corner:
"Patsy's going to save you."
"Purple's his favorite color and he didn't even get to give it to me."
"You'll heal wrong if you're not careful." "Story of my life."
"I got hit with a People's Choice award. You?"
"You're a freak. I mean that in a positive way."
"Trish, I like you. Which makes me sound like I'm in fifth grade again."
"What doesn't kill you makes you stranger."
"You just had to be a hero, don't you?" "I learned it from you."
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I loved the rock flautist, and if her book with the delightful title ("Blowing") existed, I would read it.
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Yay, Luke is back!

I'm digging how smart Jessica is, yet she's still a mess in fixing this impossible Kilgrave problem. She'll get him in the end, but it's a helluva rough journey.

Loved Trish and Jessica beating on whacked out Simpson. Their friendship is a thing of beauty.

Big thumbs on this synopsis, best written one yet.
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Yeah, thanks to all the folks who wrote synopses for this one. Great jobs. And agreed Trish and Jess together was a fantastic scene.
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"What doesn't kill you makes you stranger."

Worth noting that's a callback line originally from Heath Ledger's Joker.
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I have a very important question about Luke. The explosion does not singe his eyebrows off, which implies his hair is covered by his powers. How does he keep his beard trimmed?
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Doesn't have to keep it trimmed, it always stays at the proper length for massive handsomeness.
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And agreed Trish and Jess together was a fantastic scene.

Been driving today and that scene was sticking in my head all day. I don't recall seeing a recent movie or tv show that had two close female friends literally going toe to toe in a physical fight against a male foe. It was quite cathartic on a number of levels.

I'm still annoyed that we haven't gotten a solo Black Widow series or movie, but Jessica Jones has been scratching that itch very well. Quite excited about these last two episodes and the upcoming Luke Cage series.
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There's something really unsettling about the way Simpson always bites down on those pills that look like they're meant to be swallowed.
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He's a bit too impatient for slow-release capsules.
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I love this series, but something about the showdown at Jessica's reminded me of the 6-minute alley fight in They Live.
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Malcolm picking up Jessica's dropped keys and helping her into her apartment/office was a nice callback.
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"What doesn't kill you makes you stranger."
Worth noting that's a callback line originally from Heath Ledger's Joker.

While they might have been referencing the Joker, the actual line shows up 17 years earlier in Aeon Flux (the cartoon, not the godawful movie).
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That was some excellent casting of young JJ and Trish (particularly JJ).

I can't get over what a well-drawn character Trish is. So strong, sets really good boundaries, doesn't do the helpless damsel thing AT ALL, visibly struggles with the hero sidekick thing. I'm more invested in her than anyone in the series (which makes me almost certain she'll die before it's over). Jessica's terror at the prospect of losing was powerful.

Simpson is also a perfectly drawn NICE GUY. Those guys who give themselves permission to do all kinds of creepy shit with women because they're actually misunderstood good guys. Like any Nice Guy, he's almost more problematic than the guys who are clearly monsters and know they are monsters.

Simpson chopping his way through Jessica's kitchen door felt like a reference to The Shining.
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"Here's Johnny!" Indeed!

We don't KNOW it was Kilgrave texting about Luke.

Wow, Trish's mother is a horrible person. And to think she's still out there making impacts on other children's lives. Uck.

I loved how Trish was there with the fire extinguisher to bash at Simpson's head to help get him off of Jess. Go Trish, go! But she had to go and take the pill. Ugh.

I feel like Trish's comment on how your brain gets messed up with lack of sleep was too obvious for what happened to Jess. A little shoe-horned in there. They needed something to compromise Jessica's strength, but that was a little random. And the "did this use to be a morgue?" situation felt oddly staged, too.

I love Trish and her red/white/blue outfit. Our All-American hero. I'm so glad she's not dead.
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I'm worried about Malcolm.
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So will the after effects of the red pills turn Trish into Hellcat?
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And the "did this use to be a morgue?" situation felt oddly staged, too.

My wife and I used to walk pretty regularly from our place in Hamilton Heights down to the (sadly gone) Fairway grocery on Riverside in the west 130s, and there's a gross underpass section that we'd cross under briefly from one section of "pretty" to another on that walk. We were back there this past weekend waiting to meet our friends, for some reason hanging out in that gross underpass, and so I recognized the spot as where JJ met up with Trish at the beginning of the episode (the "got blood on your car" scene.)

But then, after her travels around to all the morgues, the "did this used to be a morgue" scene with NotKilgrave and everything is right back at that same spot. I'm pretty sure that this was just due to the realities of shooting a series and compressing locations, but I wonder if sleepless Jess simply doesn't realize that that's where she started, or if the whole thing is supposed to contribute to the sort of half-awake fever dreaminess of the action, but it confused me for sure.
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