Jessica Jones: AKA Take A Bloody Number
November 24, 2015 11:24 PM - Season 1, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Jessica and Luke go after Kilgrave, but Luke's even more vulnerable than either of them know about. Trish's mom is surprisingly helpful about something. Robyn still grieves for Ruben.

Hoo boy, this episode. Gonna have to go to bed soon. Hopefully it all ends tomorrow.

Anyway: Luke got specifically told "blow up your bar, with you in it, make sure Jessica sees it," but NOT to kill himself or her. We find out that Luke followed Jessica to the restaurant, confronted Kilgrave when he came out, and apparently blabbed everything. "I didn't kill your silly wife, Jessica did!" Kilgrave wants to know if it was a pity shag, did you fuck up my chances with her? "No, you did that yourself." Kilgrave doesn't know what to say to that.

Luke apologizes for not believing her about Kilgrave and Jessica was all, I wasn't being trustworthy. Luke wants in on the kill, but Jessica won't let him until it's been 12 hours from exposure.

Meanwhile, Arnold's still alive because Kilgrave is making Arnold work on boosting his powers, as well as getting an entire lab to work on it, and I stopped watching when Kilgrave was making his dad shove his hand into a blender. He tested his powers at a bar recently, which Jessica finds out about online.
While staking out a lab that Kilgrave has suborned, Luke tells Jessica he forgives her for everything and will tell her that every day as long as she needs to hear it. He finds some non-injured whiskey to give her, she gives him Reva's flash drive.
After figuring out online where Kilgrave's been testing his powers--600 people strong at some club--they go there and find out that uh, he's there right now.
Kilgrave starts quoting Luke's speech about forgiveness to Jessica--he wrote it! He can run someone for 24 hours now and he's been using Luke like a puppet the entire time! Every romantic moment, all Kilgrave! Now, go kill Jessica, Luke.
Enormous amounts of wall-smashing, car-door-breaking, running fight scenes later, Jessica finally has to fish a gun out of the nearest cop car and point it at Luke. "Do what you gotta do," he says, and she shoots.

Regarding Simpson: someone nicely cleaned up Trish's place and disposed of the bodies, but they didn't bother cleaning up Jessica's. Figures. Anyway, Trish did some research and found out that Koslov works for some organization called IGH, which doesn't exist. Trish's mom comes to visit and overhears this. She wants back in Trish's life again and actually does something useful: she's got Jessica's accident files and IGH paid for her medical bills. What, you didn't think they did something to her? Well, if they did they already had.... Trish plans to tell Jessica this info, but is distracted by meeting Luke and noticing the hormones off of both of them.

In other news, Malcolm has decided to move out and get the fuck away from Jessica, but is derailed on his way out by Robyn cussing out a delivery lady, delivering some charger cord Ruben ordered before he died--Robyn wouldn't let him pay extra for shipping. They pay their respects at the dock Malcolm threw his body into, which is totes appropriate since the twins were Pisces. They throw the cord into the water.

Quote Corner:
"What do you want?" "To kill you." "Well, take a bloody number!"
“Sorry about the mess.” “At least it’s not on fire.” “I guess we’re both lousy renters." “Do I need to know what happened here?” “Nope.”
"Please, Trish, I can only fight one big bad at a time." (We'll do IGH next season.)
"I'll just scream at some nurses on the way out to brighten my spirits."
"You can help yourself to....well, there's nothing."
"When Kilgrave tells you to work nonstop, you literally work nonstop. It's covered in piss and shit. One of them fainted."
Where's the doorman? "He said you had imaginary dead bodies in your apartment."
"I had to tell Roy his bartender job blew up." "And the hits just keep on coming."
"I don't know what he put in that banana bread, but it was like crack. Was it crack?"
"Horse fetishists in Central Park?" "No, everybody already knows about them."
"I thought about breaking into your apartment and putting a screwdriver in your eye."
"I hope they have free express shipping in heaven."
"Just followed the trail of misery." "Ooh, that's a good band name."
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ughhhh. This show is messing me up. I am taking a position of "must watch all of it so that there's no more to watch." A couple of episodes ago I was thinking it was almost so over the top it couldn't get to me anymore, but I was wrong.
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I found myself getting a bit confused about the extent/duration of Kilgrave's powers and the timeline in this episode. When he tells people to work nonstop, or to face a wall forever, doesn't the command wear off after 10 hours? Is he going back periodically to re-up his control, or is Jessica so hot on his tail that she's catching up to his trail of victims before his power wears off?
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When he tells people to work nonstop, or to face a wall forever, doesn't the command wear off after 10 hours? Is he going back periodically to re-up his control, or is Jessica so hot on his tail that she's catching up to his trail of victims before his power wears off?

Does it matter? The guy probably ceased to exist in Killgrave's mind after he walked away. And that's part of the horror of Killgrave. It's not that he uses his power s casually, it's that he's s casually cruel with it. But then Killgrave doesn't consider himself cruel; the guy absolutely deserved it, didn't he?
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No, my point is that what we see on screen makes it seem like his commands are more long-lasting than we are told. The workers in the lab have presumably been at work for longer than 10 hours if they are awash in waste and passing out.
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The 10-12 hour limit was the old restriction before Kilgrave started amping himself up. The problem/danger is that the old rules no longer apply. Who knows how long his compulsion holds now? It certainly is much longer than 12 hours, could be days or weeks now. Hopefully if Jessica succeeds in killing him, that will be enough to release any existing compulsions. But given that the programming is performed via viruses, I don't see how Kilgrave's death can really affect active compulsions.
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Grandpa, grandpa, wait. Wait, what did Fezzik mean "He's dead"? I mean, he didn't mean dead. Luke Cage is only faking, right?
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Surely his super skin protected him and he's just knocked out, right? we know his character must go on
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"I'll put some clothes on."

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Okay, if Jessica can take that much punishment from Luke and remain standing, then how the hell did the world's most annoying neighbor knock her out with a piece of wood a couple of episodes ago?
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It looked to me like the neighbor clubbed Jessica in the back of the head with a two-by-four, which frankly could have either killed or hospitalized a normal person (again see Archer, re: concussion j.

Which might just be the normal toughness of a noir detective, but still, I could totality believe she would be knocked out cold.
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The simultaneousness of Luke punching Jessica as Kilgrave said how it was all him POW, all of it WHAM, all his words BANG. Nice choreography there.

Regarding the timeline, Kilgrave actually said on stage that he was now up to at least 24 hours and 100 ft of control for people. (That poor kid at the fence.)

I love how Trish goes Professionally Polite on her mother. "I'd like you to leave now." No more give. I'm done with you and get out of my sight, thankyouverymuch. The way her mom was trying SO HARD to come off as a changed person, and then let slip the water endorsement and Trish is all "I KNOW YOUR GAME" except, again, with the Professionally Polite "I forgot how good you were." Trish is my hero. Even with her small fall of taking the Simpson Red Pill, she is still my hero in all of this.

I had to look away from the blender. Thank goodness he did not follow through, but I didn't appreciate the close up of the fingers dangling so near the spinning blades. NOPE NOPE NOPE

Kilgrave is getting humanized for me, especially with his interactions with Luke and with Albert. He isn't just Monster in a Purple Suit. I think this is important, because there are other monsters out there like him and they look just like us, too.

"Pity shag". *snort*
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Sweet Christmas.
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