The Grinder: Giving Thanks, Getting Justice
November 25, 2015 10:22 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

We find out why Dean quit The Grinder, and we also find out why the Sandersons stopped having Thanksgivings five years ago. It was a surprisingly good enough episode to mention here.

I didn't take major notes on this, but this episode cuts back and forth between a year ago when Dean was filming The Grinder Thanksgiving episode in September, and right now.

A year ago, Dean was feeling disgusted at being treated like a piece of meat who always has to take his shirt off and shove the entire dinner off the table to bang his coworker. Why can't we do episodes about campus rape or anything serious any more, he whines to his director Cliff (Jason Alexander, killing it). Cliff just wants Dean to take his damn shirt off, really. Meanwhile, Stewart is doing "real" things in the real world, and Dean isn't happy with feeling shallow. He ends up bonding a bit with Timothy Olyphant, who has apparently turned into a surfer dude. By the end of the episode, Dean declares The Grinder to be over.

Right now, Dean wants to know why the Sandersons started "doing their own thing" for the last five Thanksgivings, and why Yao (hey, Yao! I've been wondering where the hell that guy is! He's retired, as it turns out) hasn't been invited over. Dean thinks it's his parents' divorce that caused it, but we find out from a traumatized Stewart that in 2009, his mom went to bed "with a headache" and when Stewart walked up to check on her, he walked in on his mother and Yao somehow doing a standing 69?!?!

Dean eventually confronts both Dad and Yao about this, and they are totally unfazed, because they're swingers. Who knew, but that just traumatized all the adults, hilariously.

Oh, and by the end of the episode, we find out that Timothy Olyphant is going to play Dean's brother in "The Grinder: New Orleans."
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I am really looking forward to The Grinder: New Orleans. I'm hoping Olyphant becomes a regular, with us just ever seeing him in the show.
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Is their mom still alive?
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