Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (1975)
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A young mongoose protects his human family from two murderous cobrae.

Box set includes The White Seal and Mowgli's Brothers.

The White Seal synopsis: In one seal herd, a young seal pup with a rare white coloring named Kotick is born. When he matures, he learns of the deadly threat .

How Chuck Jones drew "The White Seal"
Draw the White Seal with Christopher Scardino
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Chuck Jones at his finest. A true work of art. See this Mental Floss article on how Jones approached animating Rikki.
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The thing that bugged me about this when I rewatched this recently is that Orson Welles' sound like it was recorded inside a giant steel washtub. Drenched in reverb, kind of hard to understand sometimes. The bird's songs are terrible as well, but I think they're kind of supposed to be. Other than that, this cartoon is made of awesome. I always love the faces in Chuck Jones cartoons, moreso after I saw him in an interview and realized that the faces are basically all his.
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Orson Welles' narration sounds like.... I need a copy editor.
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