This American Life: #539: The Leap
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Most of us go from day to day just coasting on the status quo. If it ain't broke, why fix it, right? But when routines just get too mundane or systems stop making sense, sometimes you just have to hold your breath...and jump. This week, stories of people who leap from their lives, their comfort zones...even through time.
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this was a really interesting episode.

I've often wondered why women get so many likes on their photos. This reminded me strongly of the whole "calling card" activity from Victorian lit. Which I think is interesting. I think it suggests that this social network check-in and pecking order is innate to the human condition. I wonder if I do not engage in such a thing because I'm a man, because I'm above it, or because I'm so bad at it that I've been left behind.

The next section, interviewing someone who just became wealthy and is rising in status, was also fascinating. I recently left grad school for a career and am now earning 2x what I thought I would be earning. I earn as much now as my partner and I together at this time last year. And significantly more than this time two years ago. I also have found myself enjoying some of the finer things in life, and being able to afford to spend my money on having the luxury to be snobby about things, from the type of paper I use (a small luxury - no longer writing notes on the backs of old printouts) to the type of clothes I wear (buying a second $40 made-in-michigan hat because the first was 1/4 inch too tight).
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This episode was absolutely fascinating, I loved how honest the two teen/tween girls were about the social forces driving their interactions on social media.
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I was very confused; y'all seem to be responding to "Status Update," but this page says "The Leap"?
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Oops I am! Replying to rebent's comment!
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Huh. I don't even remember which stories were in the leap
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