Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Syrian Refugees, The Penny, End Of Year Recap
November 27, 2015 5:40 PM - Season 2, Episode 35 - Subscribe

This week... more on the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris. US politicians use the opportunity to pile on Syrian refugees. And Now: The Dismal Prop Comedy Of The United States Congress. Main story: The US Penny, its dwindling value, and the issues around supporting it. YouTube (10m) And Now: What In God's Name Are They Covering On WCBS News At 11? And, finally, this is the final episode of this year of Last Week Tonight, so the show provided a retrospective, featuring the return of Wanda Jo Oliver. This concludes LWT's second season; it resumes in February.

Intro gag: Picture of a turkey, with the captions "Salmonellum" and "Turkey"


France without its cultural institutions: "It would be Luxembourg, and nobody wants that. Did you know that if you Google 'Interesting Luxembourg facts,' the result is just a page that says NO." (The Luxemburger Wort was not amused.)
The Penny: "Once again, on the cover of this month's Infant Swallowables Magazine."
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Dump the penny, but the metal supplier wants the business? Use this metal to make the new dollar coin, which would eliminate the printed dollar. Oh no, now the paper supplier is upset...

John on refugees: "There was only one time in American history when the fear of refugees wiping everyone out did actually come true, and we’ll all be sitting around a table celebrating it on Thursday.”
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Ooh, is this where I can say I went to a Franzia party at Janice from Accounting's house when we were in college?

I hadn't realized the show had done SO many long-form pieces on the prison industry until they listed them all together. That's some masterful work right there - having each episode stand on its own, but together make a damning indictment of the whole she-bang.
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Praise be.
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Dump the penny, but the metal supplier wants the business?

I was amused that the metal supplier apparently doesn't even want the business all that much.

And horrified that those poor clerks at that parking-ticket-asshole's school couldn't get hold of an automated coin counter for the day. Or at least some of those pre-marked plastic tubes that you can put fifty cents worth in at a time. Surely there was a coin counting machine somewhere on campus, off campus, anywhere? Making someone count eleven thousand pennies in stacks on the damn table is just evil. Ideal situation if the school can't/won't refuse to accept payment in pennies (and pennies that parking-ticket-asshole had clearly unwrapped for maximum annoyance) would be for the school to charge the asshole their costs for actually purchasing such a machine. A really expensive one.

Seriously, though. Banks generally refuse to accept unrolled pennies for deposit/conversion to real money. Make that asshole re-roll them all himself.
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They're releasing a John Oliver Vinyl Figure that looks nothing like him.
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That looks a really good Eggsy from Kingsman, who doesn't look one bit like John Oliver.
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Time has an article on some of the real world good that has been done by Last Week Tonight.
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Regifting (Web Exclusive)
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John Oliver: Revised Resolutions (Web Exclusive).

They'll be back February 14th.
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Season 3: Promo

Yes, she did say that.
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No,he’s adorable,But he’s been doing what he does for a sec, I’ve been doing it for 50 yrs. I deserve a bit of respect.

Er, Cher has a satirical weekly late-night news show that no one told me about?
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Lost Graphics Vol. 2

Cher had a variety show with a future republican congressman. That's like a 3 year "Better know a District" segment, with music.
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