Farscape: Liars, Guns, and Money (Part 3): Plan B   Rewatch 
November 27, 2015 8:06 PM - Season 2, Episode 21 - Subscribe

The crew of Moya assault the Shadow Depository in hopes of rescuing Crichton, now in the hands of Scorpius. [via]
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Yeah, that's right--Aeryn doesn't need no stinkin' functioning night vision to hit her targets in the dark!
Other awesomeness--
John: (he slowly struggles to his feet, announcing in a dazed, sleepy voice) Aeryn? I'm uh - I'm gonna go to Scorpius.
Aeryn: (snapping) Frell you are! (and she puts him back onto the floor with a swift martial arts style kick)
and later in the episode--
Bekhesh: Farewell my friends. And thank you for teaching me to kill again.

Also, Ben's acting at the end where he pleads with D'Argo to kill him is just setting us up for the heartbreak that is Season 3.
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Holidays! They get in the way of posting on Fanfare. What can one do?

A great conclusion, but definitely Empire in the ending. It's a victory, John has his head, but he's also lost it, too.

Aeryn gets ANOTHER Star Wars reference, blasting a hole in a wall and telling people to get going (I.e., Leia blasting a hole in the prison corridor to the garbage chute).

It's full of those nice dialogues and fun events. A++++ would watch again.
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