Early Summer (1951)
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A family chooses a match for their daughter Noriko, but she, surprisingly, has her own plans.
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I really enjoyed this picture. Hara enchants as always. What I liked most about it was the feeling I got that it was actually a bunch of little movies. Little slices of life that are the real nuts and bolts of how families and workplaces and neighborhoods work. Then sometimes, when people come together, all of those private conversations add up to the relationships among them.
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Just in time for the anniversary of Ozu's birth and death — and with me not being able to think of a better place to put it than here — Lewis Criswell presents a 17 minute video essay on the works of Ozu, “The Depth of Simplicity.”

As a bonus, here is a comparison of the directorial styles of Wes Anderson and Ozu by Anna Catley from earlier this year.
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