The Killing, season 4 post?
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Would it be better to post one-by-one, or can I jump straight to season 4, episode 6? We started episode 4x01 last night and staggered off to sleep at 4am thanks to Netflix and auto-play. I searched but can't find any posts here or on the blue about season four.
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Imagine my excitement to see this post and discover that The Killing has come back for a 4th series! Imagine my disappointment to discover it had started back on the 1st. On Netflix.
I loved that show but, alas, I don't do Netflix. I hope the new season is good!
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It's available on the ahem-ahem web, but no DVD release date yet. It was a different pace - 6 one-hour episodes, no ad breaks built into it, and sort of a balancing second act to the third season.
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Different pace in what way? The pacing has always been one of the aspects of the show I enjoyed. I thought the third season ended with a lot left on the table.
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Fewer escalating climaxes, more long building scenes. I watched it in one long binge and it felt like a single piece, not six separate episodes. They had scenes that echoed the first episode, and there was a sense of taking the threads from the first three seasons and seeing how they went on - not neatly, but consequences and change. Really less about the chase and who did it and more about - living with the aftermath.
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Also I really feel like this season is designed to give closure to fans regarding multiple issues that came up during s1-3. I hope someone posts about the series soon. I'm dying to talk about it.
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I too just finished the season, and am totally willing to just jump to episode 6.
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I watched the first two seasons, and will watch the fourth if I can skip the third without being in the dark about stuff.. is the third season skippable?
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Sadly no. A great deal of s4 has to do with s3.
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I have FEELINGS about season 4 and I would like to discuss them with people who have seen the whole thing.
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It's up.
posted by viggorlijah at 10:43 PM on August 12, 2014

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