Into the Badlands: Two Tigers Subdue Dragons
December 11, 2015 8:25 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Sunny and M.K. try to figure out how to control the boy's power, while Quinn sets a dangerous parlay with a rival Baron to help fight The Widow.

So how soon do you guys think Ryder will actually die? Probably mid-season?

It's a bit funny how Sunny's advice of "find something pure" translates to Tilda's face for MK even she just straight up tried to kill Quinn and framing it on the other Baron.

So far we've seen Quinn as the Poppy Baron, the Widow as the Oil Baron, and I'm guessing by the pickaxes that Jacobee is the Mines Baron? I wonder what the other 4 specializes in.

I'm really enjoying the episode names being martial art moves.
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It's a bit funny how Sunny's advice of "find something pure" translates to Tilda's face

A bit cliché, you mean? :P

I'm guessing by the pickaxes that Jacobee is the Mines Baron?

His shipment of gold was stolen, so I'm guessing that's what he mines. Though maybe other things as well like coal.

I was expecting each group (each barony, I guess?) to be a bit more homogeneous along racial and gender lines, so I was pleasantly surprised that this doesn't seem to be the case. Everything seems a bit more fragile than had thought in the first episode with Quinn seizing power from his Baron and Jacobee's father apparently doing the same. Clippers don't seem to be especially loyal so far.

Nice to see MK's power coming out again. They've been showing restraint with it.

Those butterfly shuriken look expensive to just be leaving around in people.
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Also, the reverence with which the little plastic army man was handled was great.
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Thank you for posting numaner, I've been swamped in RL this week.

Another enjoyable episode with a bit more inspection on MK's power. I'm still not really sold on MK the actor, as he hasn't been offered much in the way to sympathize with other than the background of being captured as a slave (and losing his mother). His character, here and now, just seems to dwell between hurt teen and annoying teen.

I'm also enjoying the difference in clippers/barons, too. I love the dark plaid styling of the Mine Baron's clippers and what not. I was especially delighted at the twist that the lead clipper for the mining baron, whom we thought was going to betray Quinn, actually was betraying her own baron in her match up with the Widow.

Post-apocalyptic chemo, should prove interesting.

The fight scenes remain well above television standard.
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Yeah I wonder what they'll even use for chemo...

I was less annoyed with MK this episode though, but based on his past work Aramis Knight seems to usually play the angsty kid, so he might just be doing exactly how the role is written. Like I've said, this isn't a show that I'm watching for the dialog. The story, though, is getting more interesting; it might be your typical martial arts drama about betrayals and redemption, but the twists so far are kind of surprising.

You're welcome Atreides! I saw the lack of post and had to remedy it.
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FYI, RL has prevented me from watching the latest episode and it may be a few more days. Please jump on putting up another post if you're eager to start discussing it!
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