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This week, updates on some of the stories they've done over the past year, some bonuses and surprises, and the most beautiful song ever written about ping pong balls and a clarinet.
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I loved listening to PJ and Phia's moms talk. Especially when PJ's mom talked about how she was concerned that them doing LSD on the show was going to encourage listeners. I hadn't thought of that.

Definitely cracked up when the parrot started squawking in the background. Actually it wasn't really squawking, but it was a strange noise. I would have liked to see what the whole Skype convo looked like, actually.

I like Srurthi and Phia and hope to hear more from them.
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Also the more I hear about The Mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder, the more I want to know!

Question for PJ and Alex - did I hear the old TLDR theme somewhere in the show or were my ears playing tricks on me? Thought I heard it last week too.
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There were so many awesome segments stuck in there - the stackswell founder was grounded! Breakmaster Cylinder got a ping pong ball and a clarinet! Parrots telling the future through two translators! The Marnie app! PJ and Phia's moms! An update on the goat!

Admittedly I was skeptical that someone in England had seen the same goat - and then she mentioned having the picture, and I figured there was some off-radio fact checking about goats that went on. They are professionals, after all.

My only disappointment is that I still don't know what the Hasidim think of Serial.
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Oh yeah the Stackswell thing was *perfect*.

I also would like an update on the Hasidic guy. Those episodes were gut-wrenching.
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I am incredibly disappointed I missed out on the poster. Damned west coast time difference. It would have looked great in my cube while I micro-dosed on LSD :(
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I must know what the crazy unread speed-round update was.
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