Elementary: The Cost of Doing Business
December 18, 2015 7:11 AM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Moreland offers to pose as one of his son's irregular consultants in order to help Sherlock and Joan solve a case.
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There's the scene where the get one of the partners is in the interrogation room. The guy asks Bell if they call the room the box. That's when I realized that he was an actor from Homicide, Life on the Streets, where the interrogation room, the box, was a big deal. A little google'ing gives his name as Reed Diamond. I'm not sure how I feel about my Sherlock Holmes TV show doing callouts.
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The instant he appeared on screen: OF COURSE Lex Luthor is the killer. Duh.
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I liked that they did an end-run on the "recognizable actor is obviously the bad guy" thing by using both John Shea and Reed Diamond in that introductory scene together. Both guys are known for playing villains/antagonists -- Luthor for Shea, and a whole litany of stuff for Diamond (Dollhouse, Agents of SHIELD, Minority Report most recently). I mean, I definitely knew it had to be one of them, but I wasn't immediately spoiled.
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Morland is really menacing in ways very similar to Moriarty. Neither is particularly interested in social performance - observation, analysis, action. Contained in how they move; conservation of energy.
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So, does Morland only hire killers when people try to extort him?
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I mean, I definitely knew it had to be one of them, but I wasn't immediately spoiled.

Me too. And much like last week's episode, the mystery was well-served by functioning as the side-plot while the character work was the A-plot. (I mean, on some level I knew it had to be Diamond or Shea, but I was so focused on wondering what Morland was up to it wasn't until they circled back to Reed that I remembered to think "oh, right, what are the guest stars up to?")

Contained in how they move; conservation of energy.

That last scene was wonderfully chilling. The look of fear on Interpol dude's face, the shake in his voice. I don't know where this plot is going or where I want it to go, but I have real hope that this is going to end up being as good as the Kitty arc turned out to be.
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I'm really enjoying John Noble as Morland. He reminds me of nothing so much as a vampire, which I'm sure is no accident.
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I was cleaning my glasses at the start of that scene, so until I heard him speak and recognized his voice, I was just seeing a Reed Diamond-shaped blob. The minute he said "box," I shouted "Kellerman!" to my empty living room. I was delighted.

Conversely, John Noble so freaked me out, I needed the immediate silliness of The Daily Show. Yikes!
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The restaurant where Morland meets Muller at the end is the exact place Fisk takes Vanessa in Daredevil. I checked. Exact same. The Brasserie, in the Seagram Building.
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Wait, does that mean that "the danger" the Interpol guy mentioned is Daredevil? Crossover!
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@DirtyOldTown, nice. I thought I recognized all those tables and the setup, but couldn't quite place it. Thanks for confirming I'm not having a memory meltdown in this one specific instance.
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So we can expect Sherlock to show up in season 2 of Daredevil :-)
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my god that was a great episode. i fear joan will be somewhat sidelined as moreland serves as the wedge between her and sherlock - and sherlock works out his father issues in a dishonest environment, but the writers have a real chance to let her shine in the lead up and resolution if they want to.

i find myself fascinated with john noble's wrinkles, but i find myself more considering them as if he actually is moreland holmes - that is some good network procedural work right there.
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