River: Episode 4
December 17, 2015 11:01 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

River investigates Stevie's relationship with Haider, a worker at Cristal Kebab, and has concerns about his perception of her private life. He and Ira spend an evening working at DCI Read's home. River makes a surprising discovery about one of the people Stevie called from her secret mobile phone on the night of her death. River considers attending a group run by Rosa for people who hear voices.
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River is used to trusting his manifests, but as he ages and dements they begin lying to him, or he begins lying to himself.
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Such a good show! Thanks for putting it up here!

I've seen them all, and I found it more like a long movie than a set of episodes. I also have very strong feelings about the ending. So I don't have much specific to say right now -- but I've got a lot to say when we soon get to number 6!

So! Much! Great! Acting! Everyone is just stellar. And I really love the balance of plot & character work. The central mystery really drives the whole thing, and yet along the way we learn so much about River, Stevie, Crissie, even Ira.

Just great, great television.
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I like how this episode interrogates and de-romanticizes the old trope of Troubled But Brilliant Otherworldly Detective by showing his behavior from the outside; while also treating it's subject with a lot of compassion,
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I think that part of that compassion comes with the inclusion of Ira, who has really grown on me and my wife.
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I would love to watch a second season, just to see how River and Ira develop as partners.
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