The Expanse: The Big Empty
December 31, 2015 11:03 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Holden and crew are trapped in a badly damaged shuttle. On Ceres, Miller uncovers clues about Julie Mao. On Earth, Chrisjen Avasarala questions a terrorist.
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It definitely felt like they said that they had to save money this episode. It was still good, but felt more condensed.
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I loved the nod to Coriolis force when Miller pours himself a drink. I thought the interactions among the five marooned Canterbury crew members were very well done. I'm definitely enjoying Amos and I can't tell if they are deliberately making Holden seem kind of like an annoying dip.

The one false note was when Avasarala was informed of the Belter's suicide. The speculation on the part of whomever she was talking to, about 'throwing gravity in our faces' seemed jilted.
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I was sorta bugged by the thing that happens to the airlock in the moments it was happening; it did feel like a moneysaving way to handle it.

What's the rule in FF about discussing plot points in low-volume threads? Can I expand without worrying about spoilerizing?

Also, what's the deal with Avasalara's voice? In combination with the broad choker I'm half expecting to learn she was a lifelong smoker who has a futuretech tracheotomy. I mean, I don't hate or disapprove of it, it just seems sort of, I dunno, cartoony? I told my wife that I thought the character was being played as if Leia Organa had actually ended up running things at home instead of having to go all-in as a warfighter. She was resistant to this because of the way the character is being signaled as a heavy.
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I think that's just Shohreh Agdashloo's voice; iirc she was in a couple seasons of 24 and sounded pretty similar. I went looking for a clip of her in said 24 season and stumbled upon a fairly lengthy interview, wherein she sounds pretty much the same?
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That's just what Shohreh Aghdashloo sounds like.
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I thought the scene of Miller investigating Julie's hole was fun, his cop-grade voice modulator was a more interesting way to have him go through her stuff than just having access to all her stuff. Julie was very present in the book despite being dead for most of it, so it's nice to see the show try and keep her as involved as possible (I remain curious to see if they go into Miller's imaginary Julie, looking at season breakdown it seems like they condense quite a bit of the book).

Holden and Co having to struggle to fix the shuttle and nearly dying in the process also struck me as having to bottle them for the episode, and get their money's worth for the Knight set. Nice to see Holden immediately blab about what's going on to everyone in the solar system, very Holden thing to do. Amos offering to shoot him seemed like a weird choice, did anyone think killing Holden on live broadcast would help their situation?
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