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The crew of the Rocinante discover a derelict vessel which holds a secret that may be devastating to human existence.


The Expanse: All of season 3, spoilers for entire book series  Books Included   Season 3 (Full Season)

Following the destruction of Arboghast in Venus' atmosphere, many questions remain. Will Bobbie and Avasarala succesfully escape from Mao's ship? Will our band of heroes find Prax's daughter? You already know the answers to those questions because you've read the books! [more inside]
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The Expanse: Caliban's War  Season 2, Episode 13

Friendship ended with Cotyar. Now Bobbie is Chrisjen's best friend! asavage has a speaking cameo on UNS Arboghast, which goes poorly. Amos doesn't kill Holden. [more inside]
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The Expanse: The Monster and the Rocket  Season 2, Episode 12

Bobbie gets sammiches. Less important things happen.
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The Expanse: Here There Be Dragons  Season 2, Episode 11

Bobbie makes a decision that changes her life forever. [more inside]
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The Expanse: Second Season, Books Included  Books Included   Season 2 (Full Season)

As book and show continue, things are often different for the crew of the Rocinante. This is a catch-all for speculation on why, wherefore, what's going to be done with it, etc.
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The Expanse: Cascade  Season 2, Episode 10

Harsh realities of future life on Earth are displayed, while the Roci crew are trapped in a dying station.
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The Expanse: The Weeping Somnambulist  Season 2, Episode 9

Avasarala questions Draper as conspiracies unravel on Earth. The Rocinante crew attempts to avert a disaster. [more inside]
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The Expanse: Pyre  Season 2, Episode 8

Naomi tracks down signs of the protomolecule; Fred Johnson's control over the OPA collapses. Enter a new character: Prax Meng. Also: WTF Amos? [more inside]
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The Expanse: The Seventh Man  Season 2, Episode 7

Earth and Mars prepare for a peace conference. Bobby recounts the events on Ganymede. Belter politics on Tyco Station. Anderson Dawes makes a move.
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The Expanse: Paradigm Shift  Season 2, Episode 6

With Eros gone, the show shifts gears. [more inside]
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The Expanse: Home  Season 2, Episode 5

i am gone and gone and gone and gone can't take the razorback
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The Expanse: Godspeed  Season 2, Episode 4

Miller and Fred take the Navoo for a joyride. The OPA bus and truck crew stop in at Eros. Holden gets his hands dirty. [more inside]
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The Expanse: Static  Season 2, Episode 3

Dealing with the fallout from the raid on the mystery station. Holden kicks Miller off the Rocinante for killing Dresden. A captured scientist reveals some of the secrets of the protomolecule. Earth and Mars continue to careen towards war, and Avasarala is willing to commit treason to stop it. [more inside]
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The Expanse: Doors & Corners  Season 2, Episode 2

With the help of Fred Johnson and the OPA, Miller, Holden and the crew stage a raid for information on the protomolecule; on Earth, Avasarala learns a truth about Fred Johnson
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The Expanse: Safe  Season 2, Episode 1

The crew of the Rocinante uncover more about the conspiracy to release the protomolecule on Eros station.
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The Expanse: Season 1: "Dulcinea" through "Leviathan Wakes"  Books Included   Season 1 (Full Season)

A thread to discuss the entire first season of The Expanse, as well as the James S. A. Corey book it's based on: Leviathan Wakes.
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The Expanse: Leviathan Wakes  Season 1, Episode 10

Events on Eros come to a head in the season finale.
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The Expanse: Critical Mass  Season 1, Episode 9

Miller, Holden and his crew are trapped on Eros. Avasarala discovers the origin of the mystery ships.
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The Expanse: Salvage  Season 1, Episode 8

The Roci crew check out a derelict stealth ship and find some weird stuff. Miller gets to Eros and meets the Roci crew. Miller finally finds Julie Mao.
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The Expanse: Windmills  Season 1, Episode 7

The Rocinante finds a stowaway rat. Avasarala heads to big sky country. Miller takes a field trip. Donkey Balls.
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The Expanse: Retrofit  Season 1, Episode 6

The crew of the Rocinate negotiate with Fred Johnson. Detective Miller & Anderson Dawes have a chat. Avasarala schemes.
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The Expanse: Back to the Butcher  Season 1, Episode 5

In a flashback, Fred Johnson visits Anderson Station. In the present, he offers to help the survivors from Canterbury and Donnager. The survivors ponder his offer. Havelock recuperates from a boo-boo. Miller searches for Julie Mao and flops his hair.
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The Expanse: CQB  Season 1, Episode 4

Holden and crew find themselves in the middle of a desperate battle. Miller’s partner goes missing.
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The Expanse: Remember the Cant  Season 1, Episode 3

Holden and crew are taken prisoner by the Martian Congressional Republic Navy. Miller deals with rioters. Avasarala plays politics.
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The Expanse: The Big Empty  Season 1, Episode 2

Holden and crew are trapped in a badly damaged shuttle. On Ceres, Miller uncovers clues about Julie Mao. On Earth, Chrisjen Avasarala questions a terrorist.
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The Expanse: Dulcinea (Pilot)  Season 1, Episode 1

The pilot for a new series on SyFy based on James SA Corey's series of books that begin with Leviathan Wakes. In the US, the show begins airing on 14 December but SyFy has put the pilot on youtube.
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