The Adventure Zone: Ep. 30. The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Two
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Our heroes make their way into Lucas' floating, crystallized lab, and face off against their deadliest foe yet. Will they thrive under the pressure of an apocalyptic time limit? Or will they waste too much time just standing around, debating the names of members of the band U2? Magnus gets caught fibbing. Taako learns about a Grandpa. Merle gets Touched by an Angel.
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Clint McElroy is sort of the Travis of this show, in that he often says hilarious things that the brothers ignore. The one that jumped out at me this time was when the brothers asked "Is he in the pendant?" and Clint screams "He IS independent!"
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I'm a big Clint fan. He'll often drop in pop culture references that the brothers are just a little too young to get (and I loved how in the last episode he was able to call out exactly who did "Black Water" after Justin said no one knew.)
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Clint is the MBMBAM origin story, basically.
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I'm so far behind on podcasts.
This is partially due to not commuting, but more to do with a couple of archive binges (including on MBMBAM which is currently on ep 133).
I look forward to being catched up. But this always goes to the top of the queue.

It's quite instructive to hear Griffin DM. Because I wasn't very good at it. Like when they are running away he remembers the giant holy guardian is still there which will do holy (and therefore double) damage, which the party had sort of ignored. I would have let my party run away and then they'd never have learned.
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