Fresh Off the Boat: We Done Son
January 6, 2016 9:31 AM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

It's all about money problems - Eddie wants to get a necklace for Alison's birthday but it's too expesive, so he gets a job that he can't talk about (it's a nondisclosure agreement thing). Meanwhile, Jessica ends her friendship with Honey for not agreeing with her opinions (specifically about an expensive fortune teller), while Louis' old college roomate, Barry, comes to visit, but it's totally not about money (OK, it's an opportunity for Louis to get in on the ground floor of something big).
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I realized I missed the last two episodes from last year. I preferred the Christmas episode, but this had a number of solid lines:

Louis: You know I don't like to rip off band-aids. I like to wet them for a few days and hopefully they just come off in the shower.

Jessica: Hello Kitty was right. There is such a thing as a best friend. [Points to self] Hello Kitty. [Points to Honey] Frog best friend Keroppi.
Mr. Jobprov: And... Scene. Okay. That was terrible. Really just the worst. There was no walkman. Even if there was, I don't know why she's returning it. Apparently there are no doors at this Circuit City, if that's even where we were, because nobody mentioned it. And from an H.R. standpoint, a long interracial same-sex hug? Now, this is exactly why Arby's is a shadow of its former self.
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