My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 285: Home Alone 0: Blood in the Snow
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There's a lot more to the Home Alone series than slapstick home defense and Tim Curry's pronunciation of the word "pizza." Like, a lot more. Some dark stuff, too -- and it all exists within the confines of Justin's pseudo-canonical thriller fiction. Suggested talking points: Great British Fancast, Detergent Cop, Hugs for Drugs, Bye Bye Potter, Mrs. Bakula, Utility Ghost, Prequels
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This was fun, although their British accents were truly terrible.

The last time I had any problem with allocated seating in cinemas was when I went to see the star trek reboot in imax, and a couple of guys came up and said we were in their seats, but when we checked the tickets we both had those seats.
So we tracked down an usher who looked confused for a moment and then explained that we were there on the wrong day, because I am an idiot.
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I'm a big fan of pimbles. one of my favorite episodes in a while, innit?
posted by suddenly, and without warning, at 8:22 AM on January 12, 2016

Griffin's initial Mr Pimbles accent is passable, but the others', and his subsequent attempts, are indeed awful.
posted by EndsOfInvention at 8:42 AM on January 12, 2016

Look, I've watched Mary Poppins a hundred times, so I'm kind of an expert. As far as I can tell, the McElroys' British accents were fantastic.
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Electric charcoal lighter, AKA burglar burner.
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I had always assumed it was some kind of immersion heater. The prequels bit was great.
posted by Rock Steady at 10:57 AM on January 14, 2016

Okay, I really don't want to write an AskMe for this question: if you woke up with your consciousness in Benedict Cumberbatch's body, would you have your native accent or his?
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You would have your native accent, but his voice, I think. Perhaps we need to look to The Holy Text. By that I mean, of course, Quantum Leap. Did Sam's accent change when he leapt into people with thick accents? I can't remember.
posted by Rock Steady at 5:54 AM on January 19, 2016

I think he always thought in his voice, but talked in the leaped-person's voice. This is all pre-Gushy, of course.

(And Lin-Manuel Miranda got Tyra Banks to say "Great job, Griffin" and posted it to the facebook group.)
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