Supergirl: Childish Things
January 18, 2016 7:23 PM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Winn's father, a super villain named Toyman, escapes from prison and contacts his son; Cat offers Lucy a position at CatCo; Alex wants Hank to uncover Maxwell Lord's plans.
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Quicksand? I'm thinking, hoping, praying, that this show is going for the camp factor.
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Is there some comics backstory explanation for the origin of Toyman that was being alluded to with all the 'he turned evil out of nowhere' talk? Or was it all just setup for Winn's 'I can't lie about my feelings anymore' scene?
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Anyway, I really enjoyed Cat's conversation with Lucy. That character is finally winning me over, even if the effect they're using on her face is still super distracting. I definitely want to see more Cat on the show.

Also, J'onn is totally right about Maxwell's beard. Come on, dude- grow it or shave it.
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Winn turned out to be brave, after all. And Olsen, maybe not so brave about his own feelings.

Winn's big scene with Kara was some amazing acting. He's winning me over.
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Is there some comics backstory explanation for the origin of Toyman that was being alluded to with all the 'he turned evil out of nowhere' talk?

There are a couple different versions of toyman and for at least two of them, he's a fairly normal guy who goes off the deep end after getting screwed on what I remember being business deals (Lex Luthor once I think).

I'm curious if this particular backstory (explaining Winn's passive aggressiveness early on, sometimes lack of respect towards Kara,etc.) was always intentional or they wrote his dad like this so they could course correct the character by explaining those attributes away and seemingly retiring them.

I did not like that Maxwell Lord was able to plant a camera on Alex - at least what looked like a standard spy camera, rather than some super tech camera. She's already being overshadowed by two massively powerful aliens, making her the weak link isn't helpful.
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Winn's big scene with Kara was some amazing acting. He's winning me over.

I can't watch this episode yet (yay 15.5kbps Internet connection!) but should we start calling this The Iris Moment? "Winn had his Iris moment!"

I really don't feel Laurel in Arrow did enough to justify sudden fan love, plus it's hilarious and fun to see her failing as Black Canary, but the Iris hate turned to acceptance pretty quickly.
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The actor playing Winn did such a powerful, subtle, in-the-groove acting job that I really think this scene was in a class by itself. Comparing it to that other show is completely beside the point. I'm going to be watching for Jeremy Jordan. He was amazing and I hope he keeps working the way he was working in this, and that whatever director technique helped him (or didn't get in his way) keeps happening.
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QUICKSAND! Please let Supergirl play with all the amazing undead-horse-comic-tropes like this. I bet the quicksand-fetish internet groups from that Radiolab article are happy right now.
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I'm glad Winn won't be Captain Fedora T. Friendzone any more. Way to adult up and talk about your feelings!

And, yeah, the actor did a great job.
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Winn has always felt so superfluous to me. Not sure why, but I just never believed he had a crush on Kara. On James, maybe, but not Kara. And I KNOW THE ACTOR IS STRAIGHT but Winn always seems so .... not straight. That being said, I totally believed him when he told Kara he was in love with her. The fact that Melissa Benoist appeared to barely be holding it together during his speech speaks volumes. Ok, Winn, you won me over. *pun intended*
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oh yah, forgot to add -- How great was it to see ANYA? Too bad they didn't capitalize on Emma Caufield's great comedic talents. She would have been wonderful as Cat. Way better than Calista Flockhart, IMO.
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I'm starting to think that Calista Flockhart is doing a fantastic job as Cat, but damn, I hope Emma Caufield becomes more of a recurring character.

Wait- maybe Winn's dad was really terrible to his mom as well, and that triggered a sequence of events that would lead, it's over.

Just let it go. That time is over now.

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These are characters that are paying off slowly over time, as they get to reveal themselves bit by bit. It's awesome. Cat is great! Winn is really adding a huge amount of dimension to a "type" that has been played before, but never with so much texture.
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I did not understand why she couldn't just fly or jump out of the quicksand.

Winn is adorable. And I think Cat is my favorite character.

Honestly I love every regular on the show.
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I still think Olsen is kinda boring.
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The quicksand did not seem very threatening to me, either, but I assumed it was "special" quicksand...
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Now that Maxwell knows that Supergirl and Alex are sisters (thanks to the hidden camera!), I wonder how long it will be before he puts together that Kara and Supergirl are one and the same - if he hasn't done so already.
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Is it my imagination or did it seem like Alex and Hank were kind of romantically tender towards each other? Of course Hank hates Winn but his making fun of the guy's facial hair while Alex was on a date with him and a few other things made me think maybe they are getting closer?
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Hank was making fun of Maxwell Lord. I really hope they don't go the romance angle between Hank/J'onn and Alex. Even if he was just her boss it would be inappropriate, and he's not just. I mean, Martian. Right?
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the interpretation I've seen on tumblr, and that makes sense to me, is grumpy alien dad. when he first revealed his identity to alex he said he made a promise to her father to protect her as he would his own child. so I thought he was standing up for her against lord's assistant (who clearly had the hots for lord) like whevs, dude ain't even on my baby girl's level, how dare you imply anyone is too good for her. I mean definitely they are getting closer but I think and hope it's as colleagues and some kind of family.

also I think the most romance laden thing in this episode was cat's interview with Lucy.

"you're the smart one *and* the pretty one." (the 2nd time she's called her the pretty one)

"is this a job interview?"
"do you want it to be" and I can't reproduce her smile or body language or teasing tone as she said it but watch that scene again.

also when the trio are outside watching/spying on this exchange and Kara says "that's cat's real laugh."

not enough cat but she made the most of her scenes. liked her callout of kara/James weirdness. makes me not like James as he's the one stringing 2 women with his indecision, dislike that I'm supposed to want them together.
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Does Winn's chin suddenly seem stronger this episode?

And yeah, great job by both actors in the scene where he confesses his feelings.

Lucy was spoiling so hard for a fight with James early in the episode it was painful. Though I guess she could feel something was up, just couldn't put her finger on it.

Could almost have done without the Toyman plot, though I guess it was used as the catalyst for Winn's sudden change in character.
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HAHAHAHAHAH, Hank's impersonation of Maxwell Lord.
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Poor Conrad Grayson, another show where he's broken out of jail after being branded a mass murderer and then promptly gets defeated.

I'm highly enjoying Cat, which is a surprise, but I think the role fits Calista Flockhart well. Whatever effect is over her face doesn't bother me that much, since a lot of her attitude is in her words and tone rather than her facial expression. It's actually indicative of her own power, that she keeps a passive face while handing down judgement.

I'm also iffy on how Lord snuck that camera on Alex's bag. An agent like her should know better.

What's making this show enjoyable for me, too, is the whole cast. The acting is all there, and everyone's hitting their marks or beyond. The story is taking time to get together, but that's to be expected and I've had far more patience for less.
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