The Magicians: The Source of Magic   Show Only 
January 25, 2016 9:12 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Quentin faces expulsion for his involvement in an otherworldly attack on Brakebills; Julia delves deeper into underground magic and tries to prove herself to the Hedge Witches.
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Question: what's the name of the actress who played the lady locked in the freezer with Julia? I can remember neither her name nor what else I've seen her in.
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Hahah thats Kacey Rohl from HANNIBAL!! Abigail Hobbs! I SQUEEEED in delight. Like a schoolgirl.
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I thought this episode was quite good. I liked the pilot but it suffered a bit from the "greatest hits" feeling that is so often inevitable in adaptations (but that The Expanse has somehow avoided) and, while that was still somewhat present in this episode, the fact that they didn't need to introduce the world and characters again let them move a slightly more leisurely pace.

Oh, this is SHOW ONLY. I have deleted this paragraph where I go into more detail. Suffice it to say that my only real complaint is I wish they had more time to spend establishing Quentin's studies and struggles to learn magic and so on.
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"thats Kacey Rohl from HANNIBAL"

You'll just have to imagine the sound of me smacking my own forehead. Of course it is, and yet somehow neither my girlfriend nor I could place her.
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Is that a Merovingian knot Eliot's rocking?
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So far the actor playing Eliot is my favorite. (He reminds me of Michael Urie for some reason, maybe it's just the gay best friend vibe?)
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You know it's a good week when you see Hiro Kanagawa in two different things and one of them is XFiles and the other is a TV show adaptation of a book you like. What a treat. I'm glad they're shooting in Vancouver for the rest of the series, I think it's a good feel for the show.

Anyone else catch that the guy in the Fillory documentary was Lev Grossman?

And yes, Justinian, that's my main complaint too. Oh, Q just knows how to do battle magic now after having seen someone else cast something useful? How convenient. This is NOT how magic is supposed to work in The Magicians and I hope they start backpedaling soon.
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Kacey Rohl was also on this week's X-Files. Apparently, Hannibal got her on sci-fi producers' radar in a big way.
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What else is she in? I had that feeling of knowing who she was and I've never seen Hannibal.
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Shit, I don't know. Man, if only there were some sort of movie database here on the internet. [*]
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Anyone else catch that the guy in the Fillory documentary was Lev Grossman?

"Dev Fleischman." Great name. Yes.
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Speaking of faces from other shows, Esmé Bianco (Eliza, the paramedic in the first episode and "the specialist" in the second episode) was Roz in Game of Thrones, not from Anne Dudek, Dr. Amber Volakis from House, as I kept thinking.
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Damn, they're both in this! Dudek is Prof. Pearl Sunderland! I should have been paying closer attention to this episode.
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Huge fan of Eliot as well, so glad he's not just a mean upperclassman. Was glad to see Anne Dudek, who is great. And they totally lifted the bit in the Matrix where the Oracle tells Neo - you are not the one. Cause like, he needed to hear that in order to fulfill his destiny and stuff. (I'm sure there are many other examples of this scenario too.)

I do not like level 50 mean girl hedge witch. But she is a baddie, seemingly. I know some people like this kind of character! I just hope she gets knocked down a peg here and there.
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OH SHE'S ABIGAIL HOBBS! I knew she looked familiar from something creepy but forgot to look her up on IMDB. I was skeptical at her patheticness and was unsurprised that it was stealth observation.
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