Farscape: Infinite Possibilities (Part 1): Daedalus Demands   Rewatch 
January 26, 2016 11:01 PM - Season 3, Episode 14 - Subscribe

The Ancient in the form of Jack Crichton accuses the John aboard Talyn of carelessly giving away his wormhole knowledge, but John suspects that his module has been copied by Furlow. They return to Dam-Ba-Da where Furlow has been offering to sell what she has to the highest bidder.[via]
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Love how this episode opens...
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I like how quick to judgment the Ancient(s) are in this episode. They're tens of thousands of years old and advanced, and then the second they see someone is joyriding in a wormhole in a copy of John's capsule, it's "ZOMG, JOHN YOU JERK I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WENT AND GAVE AWAY OUR SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE!!!" Only after the open head brain surgery, so to speak, does "Jack" calm down.

This was an enjoyable episode, if only for the look John makes after Furlow lays a big one on him. You go Furlow. Hynerian history is always fun to learn, even if it's horribly tragic and awful.
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I want to make comments, but they spoil Part 2 so I'll wait until I post that episode. I will say that I thought it would've been more effective if we saw John as Aeryn sees him at the end of the episode where she thinks she has to shoot him because the neural clone has taken over. Since we see the Scorpius get-up, we know she's talking to the neural clone, and even though she know that, too, to her he still looks like John, the man she loves. Did I mention that I love John's and Aeryn's interaction in this episode? They are the best romantic pair! More later...
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