The Adventure Zone: Ep. 32. The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Four
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We may have finally found a challenge that our heroes cannot overcome: Math-based trivia. Can our heroes stump their animatronic captor before turning extra crispy? Can they stave off a crystalline death for one more episode? Merle seeks divine intervention. Magnus makes an otherworldly find. Taako's good out here.
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I was also wrestling with the little robot's "stump the robot" quiz. When Justin finally got it, and Travis said "Boom goes the dynamite," it was unexpectedly satisfying.
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Yeah I was thinking along the lines of asking "how do you know you know all knowledge?" but Taako's answer was better. The mocking of Clint's D&D skills was pretty delightful and it managed to avoid feeling too mean spirited to me. Hopefully Clint agrees. I liked the fact that now Magnus' is actively looking for opportunities to take his opponent's arms and the measuring gag was good.
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Oh and the nit picker dialogue was fantastic.
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This podcast is just a joy to listen to.
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Not for nothing, but I've been listening to the Hodge Podge theme on repeat for the last few days. (HE DOES IT ALL ON A ROCK BAND KEYBOARD)
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"Does the set of all sets that don't contain themselves contain itself?"
The voidfish trick was a good in-universe answer though. Also I love that they possibly almost did it with "how many fingers" but he got it right.

I checked out the AZ Reddit after Griffin's quip, and there are some really intriguing theories on who or what is singing the "crystal kingdom" songs.
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