Mistress America (2015)
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A lonely college freshman's life is turned upside down by her impetuous, adventurous soon-to-be stepsister.
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This movie is so good. Alternately funny and sweet. It's been a while now since I saw it, so I don't have a lot of specific comments to make, but I really really liked it.
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Yup, same with me. I really liked this film a lot. Really liked how the stepsisters/sibling dynamic was handled in the film. Actually also a little bit bummed that this film wasn't nominated for anything.
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I'd be ok with a supporting for Gerwig, a best argument for Baumbach/Gerwig and soundtrack from Dean Wareham/Britta Philips. But I guess this kind of movie doesn't have the gravitas or whatever bullshit excuses the Academy likes to pull.
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It was better than Brooklyn (I also liked Brooklyn).

I loved this movie and thought Gerwig was a delight as always, but I also don't remember enough specifics to get into them. A good reminder to rewatch maybe.
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If someone had described this movie to me before I saw it, I would have rollled my optic nerves into knots. Even though I saw and liked Frances Ha, and had some faith in Baumbach and Gerwig. The concept and characters just sound so awful.

And yet I liked it, maybe because Gerwig is so expressive it's crazy. I liked that it didn't commit the sin of having a character who is supposed to be a writer while never having any of their writing in the movie. I liked the little conversation between the two "sisters" where Gerwig's character is saying over and over, "Forget them go your own way," and Kirke's character keeps hearing it as "try again with the litmag". I liked Dean Wareham as the neighbor, I liked the silly rolling absurdity in the rich-o's house.
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