The 100: Wanheda: Part 2
January 31, 2016 12:41 PM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

A reunion with Farm Station leads to some increased tensions, Bellamy won't let anything stop him from rescuing Clarke, and Ice Nation is marching for war. Murphy remains skeptical.
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I'm not totally sold on the Farm Station people being quite so kill-all-grounders. It makes perfect sense, of course, but I'm not sure it's a necessary direction for the show to go in. We'll see.

City of Light stuff will get a lot more interesting once it ties back to everyone else. I find it less interesting off in it's own little bubble.

I'm very interested to learn Roan's backstory. He's prince of Ice Nation, but somehow Trikru are needed to help him lift his banishment?

Lexa wanting to protect Clarke, Clarke not anywhere near ready to forgive her: good, yes.

Is that tower an existing structure somewhere in the DC area? I don't recognize it.
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i really want to see the outtakes from this episode so i can have my suspicions confirmed that eliza was making ridiculous faces at bob during the rescue scene which caused his especially gooberish faces

nb i am only familiar with this show via gifsets and 1,000,000 words of AU fanfics
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Dude, I just love this show. When Lexa was the one he delivered Clarke to, I was like "Awww damn!" I'm glad there's more "Sky People" though and hopefully some new characters, although we haven't seen much from the current characters since only a select few have been on the hunt. I'm intrigued how they will deal with Mt Weather, because I totally get why they would just want to move in there. Maybe if they could offer medical and other help to the surrounding people to keep the peace while occupying it. I dunno, seems too cool to just leave there.

I also really like seeing more on where The City of Light story is going. I wonder if the AI has some techniques built in to really manipulate people. Because Jaha was on the edge, but he went full off-the-rails after spending time with hologram lady. (I do love that all evil hologram ladies have to wear red.)
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It was a nice surprise that it was Lexa, not the Ice Queen (or whatever she's called - Elsa?) that the prince of the Ice Nation has taken Clarke to. That was also our first time discovering that royal or noble families exist amongst the Grounders, too. But the tower was too tall for anything in present day, D.C., though I swear it looked familiar. But geez, all the stair walking! Maybe they have a rudimentary working elevator system in place?

Hi, I'm Bellamy, I GO UNDERCOVER, IT'S WHAT I DO. This time it nearly got him killed.

Jasper...please be on the path to away from suicidal drunken behavior.

I'm worried about the Farm Station folks. I feel as if we haven't been told anywhere near the whole story and it's just going to end up like Stargate. The second we get introduced to interesting groups of people who could be great allies, etc, they get killed off.

One has to assume that Mt. Weather is going to turn into some kind of neutral zone - med clinic for all type of affair.

And...the City of Light. So to save humanity, we upload their souls into a virtual reality cityscape. I'm Team Murphy on this, I'll pass.
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I was pretty impressed with how much a little soap and water transformed Murphy from desperate dreadlocked emo remnant to dystopian baby Elvis pompadour prince once Jaha let him out of the suicide bunker/tornado shelter. I mean, DAMN. He looked much more gaunt and riddled with sores/bruises before, and like he'd just chugged a gallon of whole milk and had a photofacial and massage in the after version.

I feel like the voiceover at the beginning is the first time I've noticed Morley's natural accent creeping into his in-show dialogue, but it didn't bother me.

I really hope Raven finds a way to slap the crazy out of Jasper, because he was one of the most pivotal characters last season in driving the plot forward. I'd hate to see him sidelined or fridged because of heartbreak, but nobody gets a free ride on The 100.

CLEXA LIVES! My ship sails with a mighty wind at its back... :)

Since Monty's mom is a Farm Station survivor, I'm hoping he'll get to play a bigger role this season and we'll see what happened to that group told in flashbacks from his mother's perspective.

Nice to see Nyko again -- I really liked his character, hope he continues to play a leadership/healer role in bringing the Trikru and Skykru people together.
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I wasn't going to give this season a week-by-week watch, since binging the previous two worked out in terms in keeping up with all the characters, but now I might have to because I really wanna know more about ALIE and what Murphy and Emori are gonna do.

That tower doesn't look like anything I've seen in and around DC. It might have been built in-universe just before the nukes went off.
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Somehow, I'm super-interested in who gets control of the Mt. Weather facility. It ought to be the most boring plot going on right now, but it's such a messy can of worms. I'm impressed that the Sky People didn't just straight up take it over as their spoils of war, and also surprised that the Grounders aren't demanding their cut of the loot — after all, they paid for it in blood. And for the first time in ages, Abby gets to make substantive decisions with no easy answers, instead of being the opposition to someone else's obviously-correct decision. There's no way a bunker with that much defensive protection stays just a medical facility.

Other than that: Yay for Monty getting to be the centre of a story! This is what's making me the most excited about the Farm Station plot. The part where new groups of Sky People and Grounders play out the same colonialist tropes about native savages is... ugh. I sure hope this is going somewhere else.

Jasper's meltdown with the art got me a lot more interested in his arc. Last week's macho self-destructive Jasper was pretty boring — I'm glad he's working through his pain and not just nursing a grudge. Although I still have no idea why he came on the trip in the first place. (The whole time I was thinking Why is Japser here? and then this scene was running through my head.)
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Clarke is great, but I'm really watching this for the Murphy quotes.
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I'm so conflicted about Murphy, because I hated him with all my being the first season and most of the second season. And now I'm kind of rooting for him which makes me feel icky.
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I never wanted to spray with water anyone on the show nearly as much as I did while watching Jasper destroy irreplaceable pieces of art and history. THERE YOU GO, JASPER, DID DESTROYING THAT THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD STATUE MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER?

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Oh sure, season 1 Murphy was a humourless, angsty asshole, but during season 2 he turned into a cynical dude with great one-liners.
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And in season 3 Murphy is the lone sane man on a literal island of crazy.

It sounds like the reason nobody took over Mt. Weather is because of whatever truce thing they have going with the Grounders--I guess they're allowed to visit but not live there? Lincoln seems quite concerned about getting caught being there.

"And...the City of Light. So to save humanity, we upload their souls into a virtual reality cityscape." Pretty sure I read that book back when it was called Circuit of Heaven. Or something like that, anyway.

Clexa should be uh...interesting.
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