Grimm: A Reptile Dysfunction
February 6, 2016 7:34 AM - Season 5, Episode 8 - Subscribe

A mysterious sighting is connected to the death of a tourist at a local lake; Rosalee is haunted by her past; Renard supports a candidate for mayor; Nick witnesses the scope of the wesen uprising.

"A sucker is born every minute." -- attributed to PT Barnum
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Still waiting to see why I should care about Rosalee's mail stalker or the mayor, but otherwise pretty interesting. Eve's still a robot, but I was surprisingly amused by the two schmuck brothers and their little scheme to sell merch.
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I've been re-watching 'Person of Interest' over the past month on Netflix, so, seeing Grimm's version of The Machine POV when they were in Meissner's compound was kind of hilarious.

It was nice having a wesen-crime-of-the-week story after so long. I'm finding the current myth-arc so ludicrous in scale -- that the worldwide population of wesen has been small enough to stay hidden from most humans for centuries, but is at the same time large enough to now be capable of a global uprising, that there's a giant secret anti-wesen government organization, whatever magical or non-magical thing Meissner did to Juliette. I hope they know where they're going.
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I hope they know where they're going.

I don't think they ever did with the Royals plotline, which was so incoherent that it seemed mostly to exist as an excuse to deploy badly-CG-ed castles and outrrrrrrrrageous European accents.

A lot of loving Jaws homage in this; most notably the underwater shots of the swimmer in the water.
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Solid episode, and I'm loving Trubel getting back on the team, however briefly.

The show seems to keep Nick as this character who is always important to the world, but worldly things happen without his involvement. As if he's everyone's McGuffin. I kinda enjoy that though. Like here's this guy who kicks ass, but he has to just deal with crazy shit out of his control around him, even though he gets called on for help or has to defend himself. You don't get the World on His Shoulders sense of drama, which I get enough from Arrow and the like.
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Still not sure about the larger story, but the monster-of-the-week was a nice bit of neo-noir, where pretty much everyone betrays each other and gets their comeuppance. "Forget it, Nick, it's Diamond Lake."

Once again Rosalee plays The Voice Of The Audience.

The speed with which they're diving into the "Wesen War" idea makes me think they're headed towards some kind of Big Ending, like this is the last season. I hope not, but . . .
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"For once, it wasn't the usual homicidal maniac!"
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