Sleepy Hollow: One Life
February 6, 2016 7:24 AM - Season 3, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Jenny and Crane are at a loss after Abbie's sacrifice; Crane forms an unexpected partnership; Jenny faces off with a former enemy.
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- I wonder if agent Foster doing a Team Witness turn was sort of a "we have a B-plan now" to Beharie in case she's really unhappy with how the series turned out and wants to leave.
- Foster losing parents to Mayan spirits was not necessary. At all. Just put her interest in the supernatural into, dunno, sometimes feeling things she can't explain.
- The Monster of the Week was actually pretty good in execution - Abbie tells Crane there's a way out, a monster that draws to desperation takes advantage of that way out.
- Nathan Hale only has one life to give for his country? This is Sleepy Hollow, I'd bet he has more

All and all, it was not the trainwreck I expected it to be. It was a bit dull (as the fun bits - Crane giving his two cents on the modern USA with Abbie - are off the board), but it still managed to work pretty well with what it had.
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Abbie tells Crane there's a way out

I thought all the messages were from the MotW, not Abbie, based on those last few seconds of the episode when we finally saw her. But, yeah, it wasn't the worst episode they've had. Betsy Ross's scenes were mercifully brief at least. I really hope they're not going to keep drawing out this separation of Crane & Abbie though, seeing as how we're on the path from Friday Night Death Slot to cancellation.
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That makes sense.

One of the things that was more (sadly) apparent in this episode is that the chemistry of Beharie and Mison is gone, and I don't know if it's how the characters and plot are written or directed, or if they just want this to be canned so they can go after new things, but... I dunno, I've rewatched a few reruns from the first season and from the first half of this, but by comparison they seem tired of each other.
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lmfsilva, can you explain? How could an episode without Beharie (not counting those last few seconds) be indicative of a lack of chemistry between them Mison and Beharie? Since she wasn't in the episode, how can we make anything of their chemistry?

And does anyone want to talk about the chemise/negligee on the stairs? Are we supposed to think the MotW planted it out of an assumption of a sexual desperation on Crane's part, rather than any other kind of longing? (I was so sure it was going to be a dream sequence and took it as a nice tip back to his laundry-sorting day at the start of the season that I was bummed to realize it was probably just scary-lady-demon antics.)
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It's by comparison. I think everyone expected this to be a shit-show without Abbie. Foster as a (temporary?) sidekick to Crane didn't work that bad to S03 standards.

There's a lot of problems in this ship. Next week should give us more clues.
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It was an okay episode. A legitimately scary MotW, but with two main issues:

1. No Crane and Abbie interactions. That FBI agent does not have the same level of chemistry with Crane at all.
2. Betsy Ross continues to be a thoroughly modern woman shoehorned into the Revolutionary period. She is completely unbelievable.
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peter mensah my demon bride
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