Adventure Time: Joshua And Margaret Investigations
August 15, 2014 6:54 AM - Season 6, Episode 16 - Subscribe

In which we learn about Jake's birth.
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Love that Margaret does some of the weird pronunciations that Jake does.
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Loved it, of course, but the nerdier part of me can't help but wonder what this means in the terms of the larger story of the show. Given all the baby stuff in its lair, it seems the creature intended to, uh, "knock up" Joshua (or possibly anyone who happened to come along), so it seems strange that leaving Ooo also appeared to be part of his/her design. Did s/he leave satisfied that the baby would be in good hands? I guess we'll find out soon...
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Both Jake and Margaret are cultural echoes of 1930s/40s Noir movies or something like that, which makes them fun to watch.

It definitely was a doozy of an episode, and one thing I love about watching it and most other AT episodes, is that they don't feel short. By the time it's over, I feel like I've watched an entire 20+ minute episode. They're just so perfectly balanced and scripted out.

I honestly don't know what to think of the monster's designs. It definitely explains Jake's magical abilities (which weren't they originally supposed to come from him rolling around in a magical water puddle or something?), but so dang weird.

This is just one of those episodes where I completely enjoyed it, but scratched a rather large hole in my head.
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It seems like the monster was extra-dimensional... I wonder if that's going to be important later. Also, Jake's birth ties into the story of Zeus giving birth from his head to Athena.
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Maybe I'm going to have to watch this one again. Apparently I was too keyed up by current events to get more out of it than the noir story and the vague feeling that I hope they give us a nice conclusion to the series before it peters all the way out.
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We finally discover where Jake's stretchy powers come from! The writers are really knocking out all the big secrets.

Joshua and Margaret reminded me a lot of Frank and Sadie Doyle (played by Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster) from The Thrilling Adventure Hour. I checked after the episode to see whether Margaret was actually played by Paget Brewster, because she had an awful lot of similar mannerisms. I was surprised to learn that Margaret was (yet another character) voiced by Maria Bamford. Maria has said that she has only four voices... I guess this one makes a fifth.

I loved these two and I hope we see more of them. Joshua and Margaret stories would be a good way to fill in some back story about Ooo's recent past (maybe regarding the King of Ooo or Finn's dad?).

It definitely was a doozy of an episode, and one thing I love about watching it and most other AT episodes, is that they don't feel short.

No kidding. AT episodes feel like they're being played at double-speed. Arrested Development is the only other show I can think of that feels so breakneck.
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There's some discussion of whether Jake told the story or not, and if he did tell the story, whether he was messing with Finn.
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Steak break!

So, Treetrunks was already old ~20 years ago. I wonder if she was always old?

Also, it was implied that she lived way out in the country, whereas now, it's not far from the treehouse, and that seems to be considered centrally located. I guess some urban growth happened!
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I wonder if there's a connection between the creature from this episode and the shapeshifter that copied Princess Bubblegum in the episode where they fixed up a truck.
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I remember the episode, but I completely don't remember the shape shifting. I'll have to go back and look.
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