Legends of Tomorrow: White Knights
February 12, 2016 5:39 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

When Vandal Savage's retreat is accompanied by the disappearance of a series of nuclear scientists, the team follows his trail into the heart of the (1986) Soviet Union in an effort to find his next target.
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I wasn't screaming at the screen this episode :)
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What? Not even at all the 'cold' quips.
So many cold quips (or just the one, repeated multiple times).

And, really, you're fighting an immortal and you have a time machine... go backwards in time to battle him, not forwards in time when he'll remember you.
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The quips are my favorite part!
But I also seem to be the only one who liked Batman & Robin (1997)...
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I usually like Snart's quips, but in this episode they seemed forced.

But I also seem to be the only one who liked Batman & Robin (1997)...

Heretic! Burn him! Stone the non-believer! Etc.
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I was going to go off about one of the stupid bits of this week's episode, but I'll let the reviewers from Comics Alliance do it for me to save me from all that typing:

Matt: Easily the best part of this was yet another absolutely ludicrous, Saturday-morning/Doctor Who conceit: The swallowable translator that enables you to not only speak, but also understand and read other languages.

Dylan: Oh man, the translator pill was the most Silver Age thing this side of talking detective chimpanzee. Like, it’s the kind of thing Reed RIchards would pull out in those first issues of Fantastic Four, like the oxygen pills he gave them when they fought Namor. Just a “sure, why not?” idea that feels like a mixture of whimsy and writer shortcut.

Matt: What’s the over/under on when we’ll get Detective Chimp on the show? I hope beyond hope that it’s sooner rather than later.

Dylan: I’m pulling hardcore for it in season two, provided these dummies manage to not blow up the world by the end of season one. Which at this point, seems like a definite possibility, if their plans continue to blow up in their faces every week.

Actually, maybe I do need to comment. Yes, it was very silver age, but it was dumb, bad, groan-inducing silver age nonsense. I'd much prefer Detective Chimp myself than more of these kinds of magical technology solutions.

I also wasn't too keen on Hawkgirl turning into a berserker. There is already one of those on the team, and it's the only other woman. (Actually, the Comics Alliance guys go off on that point for a bit in the same review.) Yes, Shayera Hol has been portrayed an enthusiastic warrior who enjoys a good battle, but this seems out of character, not to mention unnecessary.
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I second the call for Detective Chimp.

And more silver-age nonsense.
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That's weird. I'm pretty sure this show only has 3 episodes, and then the show stopped.

I mean, at the end of episode 3 they actually had the body of the dude that was immortal, right? There are plenty of discussion in the last thread how they could have just transported that immortal body to the future, or any number of ways the neutralized his threat.
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I didn't go back and watch it to confirm, but my recollection from this crossover episode of Arrow, is that unless one of the Hawk duo kills Vandal, and specifically with the dagger, Vandal just regenerates after death. I don't recall that being explained in LoT.
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I don't recall that being explained in LoT.

It was mentioned very early in the pilot.
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Why not just incapacitate Vandal S., then keep him incapacitated until it's convenient for Hawk Girl (geez that name) to kill him? They could hang him out in space, where the vacuum would keep him from successfully regenerating, or under the ocean, or frozen, or keep the various parts of his body separate from each other, or something. If he's "too powerful", there should at least be some latency period while he regenerates. Or something.

Also, is it easy or difficult to change the timeline? It seems to be both depending on whether the change is "good" or "bad".
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Dr. Stein: continuing to be a jerk. Ugh. Jax finds it "comforting" to have him in his head yelling, shyeah right.

Snart is still killing it, especially wooing a lady better than Ray.

Bechdel test passing episode!

Otherwise...still not good.
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