The 100: Watch the Thrones
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Clarke discovers the mastermind behind a devious plan. Kane struggles to keep the peace. Meanwhile, Jasper's grief drives him to reckless behavior.
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I'm really frustrated by the plot around Pike. There are more interesting stories to tell than destructive, indiscriminate xenophobia. And Bellamy knows better than this. The AV Club review hits the same points. There's a lot of great stuff going on this season, but Pike and his "kill our allies" crusade is just bad.
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Trigedasleg dialogue for this episode. Including the amazing translation for "Not so fast": Slou yu rou daun.

I caught that one while watching the episode and was delighted.
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Great idea Pike, that's how you get the rest of your people killed. How many Sky Crew people are there ? 50-100 ? Arcadia may have superior weapons but the grounders have many more soldiers.
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Yah, I agree the Pike plot is way too forced. Why would Abby and Kane allow an election following Pike's treasonous actions? If anything justifies a delay in voting it might be an armed insurrection! Adding Bellamy to the mix doesn't really help make the audience sympathize with Pike it just makes me angry at Bellamy for being a dick. He seemed more bummed out that he wasn't the hero, and couldn't SAVE his girlfriend, than sad at the fact that his girlfriend is dead.

On the plus side, I am super intrigued by the "nightbloods." And continually amazed at the levels of badass Lexa can reach. That girl is fierce. That sword fight was off the charts. I am so glad Roan isn't dead. I like him. Not sure if I trust him, but I am glad he's still in the game.
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And in the spirit of full disclosure: I pretty much only watch the 100 in order to fully enjoy the multitude of tumblr posts making fun of all the various relationships. It is an absolute cornucopia of unbridled imagination, creativity and snark and I am addicted.

Phew. feel so much better getting that off my chest. o.O
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Lately, every time I come here and call something my favourite (Monty & his mom, the remains of Mt. Weather) it gets shitcanned pretty quick. So: Pike's rebellion is great and totally my fav!!!

I think there's a really interesting story here that could be told, if the show had given it more time to develop. Abby and Marcus have never been great politicians who connect with and inspire the people. And when we saw the Sky People connect with the Grounders last season, it was only the elites, not the common people. So it makes a lot of sense that confusion and resentment would be building. But by focusing on Pike and not any of that stuff, we're just seeing the story of an angry dude with poor long-term planning skills.

Monty and Jasper: I liked the idea of what they were going for, but it was weird that they spent more time talking about Finn's ashes than about Monty's complicity in the genocide. I don't think Jasper is going to get better until someone else acknowledges how horrific that action was. And I guess it will come down to Jasper & Clarke now? But Monty — who's Jasper's best friend, and who lived in Mt. Weather — should have had more complex feelings than just saying "we did what we had to."

And it was pretty surreal how beautiful the drop site has become.
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It is an absolute cornucopia of unbridled imagination, creativity and snark and I am addicted.

did you catch this one? (context). the editing is great. tumblr is magic. and apparently so is lexa pulling swords from sheaths.
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twist my arm -- mochof! The context helped immensely.

Banknote of the year -- by focusing on Pike and not any of that stuff, we're just seeing the story of an angry dude with poor long-term planning skills. Yep!! this is so very true!

I cannot get enough of this kind of stuff. So simple, so perfect.
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Clearly, I have a lot of Tumblr to start following!
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imma just gonna leave this here for y'all
incorrect quotes
you can thank me later.....
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continually amazed at the levels of badass Lexa can reach.

lexa is a total badass. i just got here because the f/f fandom tumblrs kind of exploded when lexa bowed to clarke ("The 100 has had a sex scene with two women, but Lexa bowing to Clarke is still the gayest thing to ever happen on the show," gay grounder prom jokes, secret lesbian wedding vows, etc) and i was curious so i watched the episode. then i went back and watched starting from lexa's first episode (2x06) and man they really built her character and this relationship.

she went from unyielding scary barbarian horde leader to political manuevering, babby nightblood rearing, smiling joking love interest in a fucking NIGHTIE i mean w t f. the ice queen tortured and killed her lover and she waited. she built a coalition with them and she waited. not when she had her in chains, not with some assassin in the middle of the night, but after the ice queen has issued the challenge, after it was clear that lexa had won and she had a new heir lined up, ONLY THEN does she kill this mofo in front of eerrrrrrybody. holy fucking payoff batman.

our intro to lexa showed some fighting skills (thelonious holds her hostage at knifepoint and she flips it around on him easily. also a nice callback when clarke holds a knife to her throat in 3x03-- we know she can get out of it!), we saw how she reacts in a... fluid situation like being chased by a mutant gorilla (immediately cripples the guy who's slated for death anyway when he tried to assassinate clarke, ta da gorilla bait).

but a lot of badassery has been implied through how much people respect and fear her. in that way this duel has also been a long time coming. clarke telling her she'll lose is a stand in for the audience perspective. yeah she's in charge and all but it's just because the script says this tiny beautiful raccoon bosses everyone around right? well yes and no. do i think a skilled fighter her size would win against another skilled fighter built like roan? not so much. but do i think someone raised in combat and strategy who we've seen make tough choices over and over again, do i think she would have the respect of her people without necessarily being the best fighter evar? do i think she's wiley enough to figure out a way to win when she's outmatched, that she's ride or die as fuck enough to leave it all out on the battlefield? hell yes.

she didn't outmuscle him, rather of the 5 times she punches/kicks him: once is with the sword hilt in hand, once is a knee to the face, twice is to the knee to get him to lose his balance, and once is to the arm to make him lose his grip on the spear. that's how you hit someone when you're at a disadvantage-- strategically, with your knee/elbow, attacking vulnerabilities. she waited patiently to dodge the spear and when he has her backing up she's using agility/speed, not strength. disarms him and now she has a longer distance weapon to attack with. he's scripted to not be as good at the spear dodging, but, well, that's a believable advantage she has, as opposed to a straight up brawl where they trade punches and she punches as hard as him. as we see with a lot of female characters in a lot of shows and i'm fine with that. but i think they did a great job not doing it with her and is in line with how much care they've given to developing lexa.

as far as the relationship, queer characters just don't get this much setup and nuance. queer characters don't get to be leads which is why having clarke be bi is huge--so much development, so much screen time NOT dedicated to her sexuality. and when they're important parts of the cast their love interests aren't fully developed characters in their own right because nobody wants to "sacrifice" 2 queer main characters so they'll introduce someone. not the case with lexa, and in her own way she's almost too badass to be true, i mean who could believably win her over? crazy ass sky person who's had to learn how to win at a disadvantage, repeatedly, just like her, that's who. they're giving them so much time for clarke to come to terms with the betrayal. they could've kissed in the totally cliche candlelit hurt/comfort scene in this episode (DID YOU SEE THAT SLIT UP HER LEG THEM'S SEXXYTIME CLOTHES), but instead clarke asked lexa how she's going to get over her ambassadors betraying her. which is basically "how do i get over you doing the same thing to me?" when lexa's life was in danger clarke's feelings were clear. now that they have a minute to breathe, she knows she wants to forgive her but isn't there yet, and she shouldn't be and that's great. just fucking kill me

anyways i came for the lexa and i don't have all the context of S1 but i'm impressed by how they show character motivation when they make brutal decisions. clarke mercy-killing finn (sorry i just saw this a few days ago), that's some good shit right there. so this whole thing with pike and bellamy is embarrassing bullshit in comparison.

here, Banknote, have some bad pickup lines from lexa. cough high five me indra pjsky
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no wait -- I LOVE MY TWO MOMS

It's a tie.

Well played, twist my arm. ^_^/
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I agree completely that the sword fight was expertly choreographed to make Lexa's victory seem realistic and plausible. She did not win because she had superior strength, she won because she knew how to fight.

I wonder how long they are going to make Clarke and Lexa do the slow burn? I appreciate that they aren't rushing past the emotional complexity of their situation and letting them be together just because it's what the fans want. ... On the other hand , GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!!!

And I wish they would give Raven a big juicy storyline. She deserves it.

Or they could just give 20-30 minutes every ep to Octavia/Indra/Lincoln and I'd be happy with that too.
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I can understand that Pike is an idiot, and has been fighting off insane ice nation murderers for months and lost most of his people. His anti-grounder nuttiness make sense, if you assume that he's so traumatised that all strategy has gone out the window.

But why has Bellamy sudddenly drunk the stupid-aid? He's up to date on all the politics. He knows the army at their gates is the army of their ally. But he's still happy to start a war that they cannot possibly win. And knowing that, in doing so, Ambassador Clarke will almost certainly be executed but the other coalition members. Even after he spent like 3 episodes trying to save her. Narratively, that makes no sense at all. I mean, you can argue that he's all in shock and grieving for his dead girlfriend what's her name, but it doesn't seem well established at all.

Go attack the ice nation, idiots! You're at war with them anyway!
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I have to keep reminding myself that even though a week has gone by between airing of the episodes, very little time has passed in the world of The 100. It's the only way I can justify Bellamy's actions -- he's overwhelmed from non-stop, unrelenting chaos, violence and death.

Yes. Ok. Yah. I am fanwanking. this show should have released all episodes at once on Netflix so people could experience it like the characters - non-stop and semi-delirious.
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That's a great read on the situation, twist my arm.

What I'm trying to figure out is: How does Clarke forgive Lexa for driving her to personally kill every last Mountain Man? It's not just that Clarke was betrayed, it's that afterwards plan B was genocide. She was so upset that she went into seclusion for 3 months, but we haven't really seen her deal with her feelings about what she did. And, hell, she probably hasn't had a safe space to deal with them.
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Go attack the ice nation, idiots! You're at war with them anyway!

This was basically my takeaway from that part of the episode too: I loved most of it, but the stuff with Bellamy was completely unbelievable. He knows who was behind the Mount Weather attack. He has successfully worked side by side with Indra and the gang for ages now. He knows who played him, he knows why. He knows they can't beat *all* the Grounders. Attempting to get Pike to attack the Ice Nation - whether Pike bit or not - would have been the smart, in-character play. Like, "Yeah man, it's terrible Kane and Abby won't do something, but let me point you at the guys who are coming for us. I can get solid intel, we can hit those bastards first." They could've proceeded with Pike being dumb anyway, although I feel like that's a rollback plotwise.

Instead... this.

I loved everything else though. Lexa is simply the best. (Like Clarke, I fully expected her to get killed. Her beating Roan and then allying with him? She's always my favorite part of that show, and this was just great.)
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Oh: I'm also disappointed because the last major role I saw Pike in? Colonel Ellis on Stargate: Atlantis, who is basically the same character as Pike down to his first move including an ill-fated preemptive military strike against an obviously superior foe. Even the speech cadence is identical.

Give the poor guy something else to do, television!
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Loved Lexa harpooning the Ice Queen. Loved it.

Hate this whole Pike Grounder Hate plot a lot. It's making this show like other shows, i.e. dumber.

Apparently this is the show runner's idea of doing a 9/11-ish plot, though.
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Trigedasleng dialogue for this episode.

Trigedasleg is consistently my favourite thing about this show. It's a pretty reasonable amount of linguistic drift for the 100 years or whatever since the nukes flew, and some of the specifics are just delightful.

My favourite lines from this episode:

"Geimbreikas" for "coup plotters"/traitors.

"Bushhada" for "coward". (I heard it as "bullshitter", but the spelling looks more like "bush-hider". Either one is awesome.)


Everything about it tickles the part of my brain that still remembers how talk da kine.
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