The 100: Hakeldama
February 19, 2016 9:25 AM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

IMDb Synopsis: Pike's twisted crusade threatens Clarke's attempts for peace. Raven becomes a target, while Murphy tries to conspire against Jaha.

VULTURE RECAP: After a breakneck couple of weeks, The 100 finally slows down enough to let us glimpse the emotional cost of what's happened this season. "Hakeldama" is the best kind of episode: It relies less on surprising plot points to move the story arc along than it does on small, intimate moments.

EW Recap: Rulers, Statesmen, Nations, are wont to be emphatically commended to the teaching which experience offers in history. But what experience and history teach is this, that peoples and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it. —Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

The 100 writers’ room must have had this quote nailed to the wall as they wrote this season, and the character of Pike in particular. Every time he spoke tonight, it was as if he was intentionally recalling a terrible moment in history. Colonizing an already inhabited land while killing the native population? Check. Interning people just because of where they’re from? Check, check.
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You guys, THIS SHOW! Gah. So many feeeeels. I am a little bit mad. I mean, honestly, I came to the party for the bi-chick, stayed for the badass commander chick and now I have to deal with high level "let me show you how fucked up your world is by recreating it with my little CW Post Apocalyptic Teen Angst Fest" *sigh* Jason, buddy, you are killing me with this story. As one of my fav reviewers said about this ep:
Let’s be real for a sec (and then go back to being cartoons, I guess?), what is the point of television? Is it to entertain? To educate? To bring awareness of social issues and present a mirror to society and be all, “yo dudes, if you think THIS is wrong, what do you think about what’s happening in the world around you?” Is it all of the above? YES OF COURSE IT IS, WHY DO I KEEP ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS. It’s all of the above, guys. I’d say as far as The 100 goes, check, check, and check, with a side of delicious violence.
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You guys, THIS SHOW! +1 for me.

I'm obsessed. And of course anything that uses Of Monsters and Men songs will get my vote too.

But damn, now I'm even more intrigued about the City of Light/woman in the red dress shit. Because like, how is that working?! I already wondered what sort of mind-control mumbo jumbo was going on and it's clear that something is happening in terms of that because only the people who take the thing can see her, unless she's projected as a hologram. Then there's the grounders recognizing the symbol! Argh!!!!
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As much as I hate the City of Light storyline and all of Jaha's pretentious pontificating, I have always assumed it was not just a parallel story. I don't know when and I don't know how, but I predict very soon that we are going to see that the greatest threat to humanity is ALIE. And the elimination of that threat will require the combined efforts of our very particularly tattooed Heda, and one, very special sky Princess.

Has anybody else noticed that only 2 people on this show have ever uttered the words, "Death is not the end."
? ? ? Jaha and Lexa. Dum du dum dum DUM.
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Also, I really, really, really hope that Raven is used as more than a pawn in this story because I love that character and I would like to see her outwit Jaha and severely humiliate him.
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And I wish they would give Raven a big juicy storyline. She deserves it.

^ looks like pjsky is going to get their wish from last episode thread. i share your concern that jaha being all hallucinating AI lackey/religious weirdo is not a good look for raven BUUUTT she is also perfectly placed to save the day/science the shit out of it as the inside man, if she isn't zombified. i've missed some episodes-- we didn't know that taking the pill would make her see ALIE right? bc it was a surprise to me and my brain helpfully provided its own cinematic bass drop. NOOO DON'T TOUCH HER/OMG SHIT JUST GOT REAL (ooh you guys look good together).

tattooed Heda

here is a blurry screencap of her back from last episode 3x04 when she's in the nightgown. we didn't see much yet, but i thought a good guess on tumblr was "hmmm that looks kinda like part of the ark falling from the sky." i find her lack of tattoos and scars to be a bit unbelievable, ah well.

as i was googling just now for pics of the ark, you know the 100 logo that we see during the opening credits? the zeroes in 100 crash into each other making an infinity symbol.
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I'm interested in the title of the episode: Hakeldama is literally "field of blood" which can refer to the scene of the massacre we see this episode, but it's also the name of the potter's field associated with Judas's death, which suggests a reading related to traitorous actions. So who's the traitor? Pike, for betraying the better ideals of Skaikru? Lexa, for betraying her people's interest in revenge? Jaha, for betraying probably everyone alive in service of a mad AI?
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I'm pretty sure that infinity symbol is connected to Treecrew, when that soldier took Murphy he said as much when he saw the ALIE pill drop out.

Not sure how much of a commentary on current politics this show is trying to make, but I can understand Pike's point of view, which is why the first thing I would've done if I was Abby or Kane would be to disarm Farm Station until they learn to live with non-Ice Nation grounders.

Lexa not wanting war was not too unexpected for me, send like either she really wants peace or she's really in love with Clarke.

But man, Bellamy y u do dis
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The explosion at Mt Weather is like 9/11 and Bellamy represents liberals who became conservatives as soon as they saw it happen.

Well now, this explains a lot! I can totally see Bellamy as someone who is witness to something (many things really) so horrific the idea of trying to see the other side's point of view is just too much. He's lost sight of the bigger picture. Interesting ....

I also love how much in love Lexa is with Clarke, she won't listen to anyone else, but as soon as Clarke asks for something, Lexa says yes.

While I wholeheartedly believe that Commander Hearteyes is mad crazy in love with Clarke, I do not believe she is resisting retaliation just because Clarke said "Don't do it." I think it is much more complicated than that. Remember back in S2 when Lexa was giving Clarke unsolicited "Leadership Lessons"? And Clarke brushed it off and Lexa said "You were born for this Clarke. Just as I was." (Or something close to that.) It made me think our Heda is the earthly embodiment of some ancient (97yr old) myth and Lexa's big plans for her people go far beyond the creation of a coalition. Beyond establishing peace between the clans. I think Lexa is the key to some big, life altering, world changing event and Clarke is integral to her success. I also think even Lexa does not fully understand her future role in the battle against ALIE/CoL. But the more she is with Clarke, the more she understands her path. And, I just keep wondering -- Why would Lexa have a tattoo of the space station on her back? Or go to such extraordinary lengths to keep Clarke safe? Maybe because the future of the world depends on grounders and sky people working together to defeat AI?

Just riffing here. I have no idea what the eff is happening on this show. I just enjoy the hell out of it.
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OMG, this might be the funniest thing I have ever seen. I can't even imagine how it was made. It's flawless. And I can't.stop.laughing. SEND HELP

clarke doesn’t know how to feel about extra lexa’s mood lighting anymore
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lexa's mood lighting

bed bath and beyond coupons never expire

sigh i hate bellamy, down from neutral on bellamy, and i keep typing up and deleting comments that make me sound unhinged. i register my discontent. hopefully we'll get to see more octavia out of it. at least. overthrowing her lesser dumber dipshit brother or something. both recaps bring up a good point about her (the vulture link):
Octavia has worked so hard to gain acceptance from the Grounders. She trained with Indra, learned the language, and really admires the people. However, Clarke is the one who gets to live with them. She's the one who's been taken into the Commander's confidence. The dynamic between Clark and Octavia has only been explored in fits, as they've rarely been in the same place for long. I hope it gets more attention this time.
more octavia + clarke/indra/lexa. i want lexa to appreciate this little babby grounder she almost assassinated copying her raccoon makeup stylings, being a one woman wrecking crew.

kim shumway, a writer for the 100, answers "Do you think Clarke manipulated Lexa at the end of 305?"

it's true that lexa lets clarke get away with small things though. spitting in her face, standing up to her since the beginning (Lexa: You're the one who burned three hundred of my warriors alive. Clarke: You're the one who sent them there to kill us.) everytime clarke shows up it's LET HER PASS. LEAVE US. by this ep, the guard is like "she's back" bc everyone knows who "she" is. there's only one she.
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