Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff: Episode 177: You’ve Got Your Chainsaw Working
February 13, 2016 5:07 AM - Subscribe

Can you make it through the terrors of Ask Ken and Robin, when Sean Maclean asks us how to run survival horror? If so, the Tradecraft Hut awaits, where we deliver our promised full segment on legendary M15 counterintelligence honcho Maxwell Knight.

Go down to the basement and get made small as Horror Hut zooms in on scary dolls.

Finally, the Consulting Occultist fills us in on Paracelsus, a literal Renaissance man whose achievements in medicine, psychology and toxicology also included influential works of a Hermetic bent.
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One interesting tension I noticed in this episode was that Ken seemed intent on talking about survival horror from the perspective of "after the apocalypse" type scenarios with a sort of alien / catastrophe angle, and Robin was approaching it from the modern zombie horror genre. Those assumptions seemed to keep popping up in that segment.
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