Fresh Off the Boat: Love and Loopholes
February 15, 2016 7:13 AM - Season 2, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Valentine's Day is almost here, and Eddie is going to take Alison to the Janet Jackson concert, but he doesn't have the tickets ... yet. He has a plan, and Trent's got his back. At home, Jessica and Louis get a night to themselves, thanks to Honey and Marvin taking Emery and Evan for the night. But when Emery comes back home for a moment, what he sees challenges his views of romance.
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Jessamyn and I started watching FOTB this summer, and I'm loving the way it's winding along. Eddie's friends are hilarious. Emery and Evan are really developing as characters, which you don't see that much of on sitcoms. The plot lines are not far off the beaten path, but the context and their particular take on those tropes are pretty fresh. And it's always good to see cameos from 90's stars, especially when explaining that the way they look is not from the 25 years that passed IRL, but as "having a bad hair day" or whatever. I think we're a few episodes beyond this now. We intend to continue.
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