Fresh Off the Boat: Coming From America
October 12, 2016 5:55 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The Season 3 premiere finds Louis and family traveling to Taiwan in an effort to make things right with Gene; and Louis doubting the life he's built for himself in Orlando after seeing how well Gene lives. Meanwhile Jessica shows Eddie, Emery and Evan some of her favorite locales.
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We haven't has a Fresh Off the Boat thread in a while, but I figure since they went the distance of actually filming in Taiwan it should be commemorated.

I had to freeze-frame on the customs form - the 'Reason for Visit' checkbox options were:
*Brother-in-law who wronged me
*Sister-in-law who wronged me
*Aunt who wronged me
*Uncle who wronged me
*Cousin who wronged me
*Sibling who wronged me
*Parent who wronged me
*To identify who wronged me
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I missed this show so much!
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"I'm the one who's changed. I'm homesick for Orlando!"

Touched a nerve, hit really close to home.
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I've really meant to watch this show more than I do (really liked Eddie Huang's book) but I felt I should definitely watch the first US sitcom episode to be filmed in Taiwan. So I don't really know the characters too well but I enjoyed the episode and maybe will check it out more in the future. It was fun and sort of surreal to see Taipei as a sitcom set.

The Vulture cover story is pretty interesting, with lots of fun tidbits. They apparently found a guy in Tainan with a lowrider on hydraulics.
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