The Good Wife: Monday
February 16, 2016 4:15 PM - Season 7, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Alicia has trouble adjusting when she returns to work at Lockhart, Agos & Lee with Lucca. Their first case, involving a secret new computer tablet, causes a rift within the firm.

Alicia returns but it's a rough homecoming. She's a junior partner and Cary is her boss. Diane, welcoming her back with a hug, quickly puts her in her place in a scene that recalls the Season 4 episode when she was first made partner after the original offer was rescinded.

The case of the week involves a prototype tablet lost or stolen at a tech convention and a conflict of interest as it involves ChumHum and an employee of LAL.

On the home front, paranoia revs up as Marissa, Eli, and Ruth determine that Peter is again under investigation by the FBI and the Justice Department. Ruth advises Alicia to ditch him so the next season can be titled: The Good Divorcee.
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Her chair was priceless.

I liked this episode. Eli's daughter is nobody's fool. It will be interesting to see how Lucca and Alicia's relationship alters getting swallowed up by the bigger law firm, LAL looks like they will really need some racial sensitivity training...
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So the series is going to end right where it started, with Peter going on trial? Except with Alicia walking away instead of standing there next to him? That would be my assumption.
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Like I said, I think this series ends with Alicia divorcing.

God, Marissa was priceless. I would be down for a Gold family spinoff.
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It irritates me that Diane and Alicia's relationship is back where they started. They bonded over Will's death, then when Diane was being forced out of the original firm, she asked to join Alicia and Cary's start up. It's like none of that ever happened. Someone on another forum pointed out that Lucca is such a good litigator that it's a waste assigning her to research precedents or whatever the associates do. So this was a humbling experience for both of them.

In the meeting with Diane in her office, Alicia just swallowed everything Diane said and agreed with her. That's the old Alicia, I think she's beyond that now so I wonder if she will end up quitting again to do something else (besides getting divorced).
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Monica and Lucca's deadpan lines to each other, and Eli's fatherly pride in Marissa made up for what is yet another Everyone Save Saint Alicia episode.

Why does everyone want to help her or protect her? She's not that charismatic or powerful. I get why people want to help Peter, but why people are going out of their way to help Alicia who's so isolated socially and has no political or personal power now - why? She has one friend, Lucca, who is herself an isolated person. The show isn't bothering to show why people want to help her now, it just takes for granted that they will because she's The Hero. Before, they had to show why - relationships, conflicted interests, personal links - and now it feels empty and drifting.
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I kind of liked this one although the case-of-the-week kind of ended suddenly ("OK. Trial in 6 months.") At least they brought back Neil Gross, though, and his-ex-partner who hates him was hilarious.

I liked the judge and his fixation on the ants. I don't care *at all* if Peter's in trouble again and can't imagine why the show would expect us to care.

Enjoyed some of the awkwardness at Lockhart Agos Lee. I thought the "Look, institutional racism" thing they were doing constantly pairing Lucca with Monica was amusing although I haven't enjoyed the racism thread the rest of the season. "Well, do you know any spirituals?" was the best line of the episode.

I want to see Lucca get promoted above Alicia. Now THAT would be awkward.

I liked the Eli family drama and Margot Martindale came back so that was great.

The final scene with Alicia's chair was PERFECT, that's the show I know and love. Somehow they made me forget about the chair and then it happened again.
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I'm wondering if I missed something, but did the NSA guys are wiretapping Alicia again story from this season ever go anywhere? Is that going to become part of Peter's downfall at the end of the season?
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I don't think they've come back to it since, but I would expect it to show up again by the end.
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I don't care *at all* if Peter's in trouble again and can't imagine why the show would expect us to care.

Ha, yes.
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